Top Bud Trimming Machines for 2019 – Review & Buyers Guide

When you have spent so much time, energy, and care growing your buds, it is vital to ensure that they are harvested properly. The main part of this process or perhaps the trickiest is trimming.

You are going to need a bud trimmer which is basically a machine that makes the job easier and quicker. The good thing is, there are many models and types available, but if you love your buds, you would want to go for the top bud trimming machine only.

There are several kinds of bud trimmers that make it difficult to choose between them. You need to find which one is the most appropriate for your use and unique needs. Obviously, you would not want to jeopardize your crop with a poor trimming job. So to make things simple, here we have the best bud trimming machine of each kind.


Editor’s Selection of the Best Trimming Machines

 ImageProductTypeBuy on Amazon!
1iPower 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer Twisted Spin CutiPower 16-Inch Leaf BowlManualcheck price button
2Growtent Garden Bowl TrimmerGrowtent Bowl 16 InchManualcheck price button
3SpinPro Hand-Trim Manually Operated Leaf TrimmerSpinPro Hand-TrimManualcheck price button
4EZTRIM Wander TrimmerEZTRIM WanderAutomaticcheck price button
5Trimpro Rotor Leaf TrimmerTrimpro Rotor LeafAutomaticcheck price button
6Trimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Plant TrimmerTrimpro ORIGINALAutomaticcheck price button
7Triminator - Industrial Trimmer SystemThe Triminator – IndustrialIndustrialcheck price button
8the terminator dry - trimming machineThe Triminator DRY BudIndustrialcheck price button
9The Centurion Pro Mini Leaf TrimmerCenturion Pro MiniIndustrialcheck price button


3 Best Manual Trimming Machines Reviews

 ImageProductBuy on Amazon!
1iPower 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer Twisted Spin CutiPower 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmercheck price button
2Growtent Garden Bowl TrimmerGrowtent Garden Bowl Trimmer 16 Inchcheck price button
3SpinPro Hand-Trim Manually Operated Leaf TrimmerSpinPro Hand-Trim Manually Trimmercheck price button

1.- iPower 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer 

Top bud trimming machine - manualThe iPower manual Bowl Trimmer has a 16 inches diameter and a clear glass top for transparent operation. There are 30 scissors in this trimmer so you can imagine that even for a manual trimmer, this is going to be pretty efficient.

It comes with one straight blade and one wire blade. You do need to remove leaves if you were growing the plants in a hydroponic system. This machine makes the process hassle-free and leaves no mess behind. It is ideal for home weed growers.

The handle and the grille are removable for convenience in use and storage. It weighs just 5.3 pounds and it is designed for small batches of buds so it can only process a small quantity in one go. Nevertheless, the sharp blades ensure minimized damage and clean cutting.

For all these pros, this unit from iPower is great value for money. If you prefer manual trimming over others, this is the product you are looking for.



2.- Growtent Garden Bowl Trimmer 16 Inch Hydroponic Bud Trimmer

Growtent Garden Bowl TrimmerThe Growtent Garden Bowl Trimmer is a 16-inch manual trimmer, perfect for buds grown in a hydroponic system. It is quite similar to the bowl trimmer from iPower, in that it has the same diameter and 30 scissors for trimming. It comes with 1 wire blade, 1 serrated blade, 1 straight blade, 1 pair of trimming scissors, and a user manual.

Comes with premium quality metal blades, ensuring that the cuts are clean and you get nicely trimmed buds as close to perfection as it possibly can be. It is a bit heavy though, weighing 13.25 pounds. It is a reasonably priced product and the best bud trimming machine if you have a limited budget.

Grow tent Garden is a new brand on the block and is quickly garnering a strong customer base due to its smart designs and affordable pricing.



3.- SpinPro Hand-Trim Manually Operated Leaf Trimmer

SpinPro Hand-Trim Manually Operated Leaf TrimmerThe SpinPro Hand Trim Manual Trimmer is perfect for those first-timers who are new to growing weed. It is a small pot that is usually used for removing leaves and twigs before producing essential oils from plants.

It features blades that are of medical grade and high-quality rubber components that aid the process of trimming. You just have to spin the handle gently and the rest is the machine’s job. It can get the job done faster than hand trimming and since there are no electrical components, you save on power utility.

You can use it with both wet and dry buds; however, it works even better if they are dry.



3 Best Automatic Trimmer Machines Reviews

 ImageProductBuy on Amazon!
1EZTRIM Wander TrimmerEZTRIM Wander Trimmercheck price button
2Trimpro Rotor Leaf TrimmerTrimpro Rotor Leaf Trimmercheck price button
3Trimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Plant TrimmerTrimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Trimmercheck price button

1.- EZTRIM Wander Trimmer

best bud trimming machine - automaticThe EZTRIM Wander saves 80% time if you trim the same batch with hands. Even though it is automatic, the results are similar to that of scissor trimming. You can use it for both wet and dry trimming as it can connect to both wet and dry vacuums.

This automatic trimmer has a stainless steel blade and is equipped with a high-torque motor. You can trim batches after batches of buds as it can operate smoothly for hours. It is simple and quick to reassemble and does the job well.

All the parts are made from high-quality materials and can be replaced in the long run. If you get this, you will not need to get a new trimmer any time soon. This product is made in the US and is backed by a one year warranty. It weighs 19.3 pounds but does not take much space.



2.- Trimpro Rotor Leaf Trimmer

Trimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Plant TrimmerAsk any old-timer weed grower which is the best trimming machine that is automatic and they will say the Trimpro Rotor Trimmer. It uses leather fingers that circulate the buds over the non-stick grate. The steel blades on this trimmer are tempered and extremely sharp.

Why is it so popular? It is incredibly simple to use and it is this simplicity that further cuts down the operation times. In the end, you can trim a lot of buds in a short amount of time.

Because it is built at an angle, it is easy to empty out the contents from the rotor. You just swing the latch to release the trimmed buds while the machine is running. You can basically trim them in a continuous flow without needing to stop the machine. The blade height can be adjusted easily according to your need. All in all, a great machine that gives even industrial trimmers a run for their money.



3.- Trimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer

Trimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Plant TrimmerThis is another great product from a great manufacturer, Trimpro. This one makes the cut because of its easy separation of leaves from flower and powerful trimming. It features a 110 Volt motor.

For a largely sized harvest, this is the best option as it does most of the work by itself. Imagine having to remove the leaves of such a big crop all by yourself. It will take ages and gradually the quality of work will plummet. That is not the case here with the Trimpro Original Trimmer.

The stainless steel blades deliver a clean cut with no damage to the plant. The leaves recovery system makes things further easy and it is dismountable so you can carry it too.



best bud trimming machine


3 Best Industrial Trimming Machines Reviews

 ImageProductBuy on Amazon!
1Triminator - Industrial Trimmer SystemThe Triminator – Industrial Trimmercheck price button
2the terminator dry - trimming machineThe Triminator DRY Bud Machinecheck price button
3The Centurion Pro Mini Leaf TrimmerCenturion Pro Mini Leaf Trimmercheck price button

1.- The Triminator – Industrial Trimmer System

Best industrial trimming machineThe Triminator Industrial Trimmer System is the top bud trimming machine for large-scale operations. It has a robust designed that has been tried and tested over a long period in order to ensure perfection.

Features the patented Automated Mist System which basically self-cleans the drum saving you a lot of maintenance time. It features a truly large drum that is considered the largest in the world for a trimmer. This provides 30 percent more surface in comparison. Therefore, you get more trimming done at the same time.

You get the speed that is 2.5 times faster than most industrial trimmers. The motor has an IP65 protection which means you can wash this machine. The Resin Repel spray system makes it a breeze to operate and maintain this trimmer.

It is definitely pricey as most industrial trimmers are but in the long run, it will reduce costs associated with trimming thanks to its sizeable trimming capability and innovative features.



2.- The Triminator DRY – Trimming Machine

the terminator dry - trimming machineThe Triminator Dry is simply the best trimming machine for dry trimming. Like all Triminator machines, it is designed and produced in the USA. It features an automatic timer and removable bin.

Dry trimming is, in fact, a preferred method for many commercial producers. The color and aroma of the finished product are better which is what all commercial growers are looking for. It is cheap to maintain this trimming machine as no lubricants are needed. It has wheels that make it easy to move around the machine. It has a 120 V motor and weighs 75 pounds.

This product is backed by a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. It is a fine work of engineering from the Triminator that produces quality results one would expect from a commercial producer.



3.- The Centurion Pro Mini Leaf Trimmer

The Centurion Pro Mini Leaf TrimmerThe Centurion Pro is a highly advanced industrial trimmer that may be small in size but is big in terms of functionality. It is very popular for its trim quality thanks to the suction power that results in a tight trim.

It can process six to eight pound so buds in an hour. It is also equipped with a 1.5 HP leaf collector system that further improves its results. There are two bags, one 25-micron outer bag, and a 200-micron non-stick inner bag.

Made in the US and has a 3 years warranty. The Centurion Pro has quickly made a strong repute of its own in the industry. It is great price wise as well if you compare it with other industrial trimmers.




Bud Trimming Machine Buying Guide

Now that you know which bud trimming machines are the best for each kind of trimmer, there are a few things you should consider before buying. First of all, take into account the size of your crop that you will be trimming. For a sizeable crop, it would be smart to go for an automatic option as it will save you time.

Your budget is an important factor when buying a trimmer. Any top bud trimmer machine can set you back hundreds of dollars. You have to set a budget prior to searching for the right product. If you are buying for commercial use, you will need a bigger budget “$$$$”.

Think of the trimmer as an investment in your harvest. You must have already bought a lot of equipment for the growth of these buds, do not shy away from investing in a trimmer because honestly, it can make all the difference in the end. In any case, you do not want to compromise on quality.

One interesting thing about bud trimmers is that they do not have a set design or look. Some trimmers can, in fact, look a bit quirky. However, an unattractive trimmer is not exactly bad as long as it works smart. This is more of a personal preference and depends on whether you are a ‘looks’ person or ‘just get it done’ person.

Never go for a manual trimmer for a commercial/industrial use. These are not made for that scale of trimming and will take forever to reach your target.


Dry and Wet Trimming

The above three types can further be divided by the kind of trimming i.e. wet or dry trimming. Wet trimming is more commonly used as it produces a more manicured look and improved yield.

Dry trimming is done when all the buds have dried completely. This requires removal of large fan leaves first. Dry trimming is usually more time-consuming and suitable for arid areas. Some machines may be capable of both kinds of trimming.


Top Bud Trimming Machine Brands

Choosing a product from a trusted brand can make things easy as you do not have to research too much. These brand names are known for delivering the top bud trimmer machine:


iPower is a well-known brand for grow lights and grow tents, but they have ventured into almost all the machines and tools one could need for growing weed. This brand retails all over the world and is quickly becoming a top choice for the new generation of weed harvesters.

They mainly produce grow lights of all kinds CFL, HPS lamps, and LED lights. They also produce accessories and a manual trimmer which is a personal favorite. It is based in Irwindale, CA and has been in the business for over a decade now.

It is one of those manufacturers that deliver great value for money and offer great after sales services. They are quickly becoming a favorite of domestic growers who are looking for small, cheap, but effective tools to harvest some beautiful buds.


Triminator produces highly sophisticated dry trimmers that are used for commercial trimming. In fact, they have won awards for their machines including the High Times Award for Best Industrial Dry Trimmers.

This manufacturer too is from California and produces top-quality trimmers that do not need any lubricants. It is famous for its Mini Dry automatic trimmers as well that is basically a smaller version of the Dry Trimmer but just as efficient.

They do produce wet trimmers as well, which are quickly garnering popularity thanks to the repute built by their dry trimmers. Industry experts have been using their products for years and have given these machines a thumbs-up.

When you are investing in something expensive, it is essential that you buy from a trustworthy brand like the Triminator. Aside from their high-quality trimmers, the name of this manufacturer is genius.


Trimpro is a pioneer of trimmers as it is one of the oldest in this industry. They produce an array of automatic, mostly wet trimmers. These machines range from small-scale trimmers suitable for home use to heavy commercial machines designed for heavy duty industrial use.

Their most popular trimmer is the Rotor which is a favorite in the weed growing community and hands down the best bud trimmer. This is that type of brand, that you do not really have to think about twice.

Someone who does not know a lot about growing marijuana or trimming the buds, in particular, can trust Trimpro. Their automatic trimmers take all the guesswork away and make trimming buds a job done in minutes. It is definitely the most sought-after trimmer brand that guarantees reliability and durability and who would not want that?


Kinds of Bud Trimming Machines

Bud trimmers today are classified into three different kinds: manual, automatic, and industrial. The difference mainly revolves around the use and the size of crop they can help harvest.

  1. Manual Bud Trimmer

This type works manually, i.e. more labor on your part. Still, it is easier than going with the trim tray option. You operate the machine that trims the buds and many growers actually prefer this type of trimmer. It is the best bud trimmer if you have a small grow tent.

  1. Automatic Bud Trimmer

Fully electronic bud trimmer that does the job for you. All you have to do is plug it in and run it, and the rest is the machine’s work. These automatic trimmers have seen consistent improvement over the years. They are easy to work with and a lot faster in comparison with manual trimmers.

  1. Industrial Trimmers

Industrial trimmers are essentially automatic trimmers that are way more powerful and designed for trimming large crops. For that reason, they are quite expensive too.



Last Thoughts About the Best Bud Trimming Machines.

Whether you are a home grower or a commercial producer, one thing is essential and that is speed and quality. You have to opt for both for optimal production. If a trimmer is fast but trims haphazardly, is it any good?

There are ample choices out there, but the above products have been tried and tested time and again. Each of these has more pros than cons and most importantly live up to the standards set by their manufacturers. Hobbyists and small-scale weed growers can either go for the cheaper manual options or automatic if they have the budget for it.

Which one is the Best Bud Trimming Machine of each kind?
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Which one is the Best Bud Trimming Machine of each kind?
Harvest Time! You need the right tools, in this article, we review the best bud trimming machines for all needs, manual, automatic and industrial. Top 3 reviews of each king and buyer's guide.

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