Top 10 Garden Power Tools you Must Have to Succeeed

garden power tools

It is not possible to find people working in the garden. However, most of them spend time in the garden for fun but hate it when it comes to mowing or doing any work that needs some extra energy.

Therefore, when it comes to gardening, garden tools are capable of your perception completely.

In any garden job, there is a specific tool for a particular task.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the top 10 garden power tools to help you choose the best that suits your demand and needs in your garden.


Top 10 Essential Garden Tools for Gardeners

Depending on the nature of your garden yard, you require a specific type of device to carry out your job correctly. Therefore, below are some of the essential tools used by most gardeners.


Pole Saw

Pole saw exists in three main options, namely; cordless, electrical, and gas-powered. The power does not affect only the cost but also the intended purpose at large. So let us look at these three types of pole saw for your landscaping.

a. Cordless Pole Saws

Cordless powered pole saw is the most suitable for use in medium to large size garden. They are the best to use for branches that have a diameter between 3-8 inches. The measurement of cordless pole saw involves the use of volts where the higher its volts, the more robust and powerful the saw is.

b. Gas-powered Pole Saw

This is the type of pole saw mostly used where many trees require trimming without necessarily producing noise. The saws are best used even in remote areas where electricity is not available. Professionals and experts prefer gas-powered saws since they can work for long hours and capable of cutting branches with a diameter of 8 inches.

c. Electric Pole Saw

Electric pole saws are best available for use in homes with small yards. It has a restriction on how one trims since it plugs into the power outlet. However, they are not as powerful as gas-powered. It is capable of cutting branches with a diameter range of 2-5 inches.



This is one of the most suitable tools used in the garden. The handheld garden tool is useful for smoothing, applying, or moving a minimal amount of particulate materials. The machine also features a shovel that is useful for digging, moving the soil, mixing fertilizer, removing weeds, among many other tasks.

Besides, these trowel tools exist in all sizes and shapes with a stainless steel handle made of wood or plastic. It has a small scale as compared with a spade or shovel with a design of using only one hand.


Weed Puller

Some days back, people used to spend many hours to get the pesky weeds from the garden using their free hands. However, nowadays, there are many tools, including weed puller, that take a short time to clear the weeds from your yard quickly.

These tools feature a variety of styles, but the technique of using them is similar. The mechanism of using the weed puller involves entangling the weed closer to the teeth, twisting, and then finally pulling them out. However, you can pull them out at a given angle since most of the weed pullers come with a leverage angle.


Garden Shears

Garden shears are handy, especially for cutting some plants back to the required size. Garden shears are usually scissors on the steroids and, at the same time, used for cutting small twigs and branches with having a thickness of one inch. For simple jobs that require too much cutting, it is advisable to use garden shear made from the pruning shears, which is a tool for trimming hedges with two-handed.

Besides, a pole saw functions the same way as a pruning shear where it is capable of pruning branches that are very high to reach and, at the same time, trimming some surfaces which may prevent one from reaching a bush without necessarily using a ladder.


Dandelion Digger

Usually, weed pullers are significant only for removing a considerable amount of large weeds but not the small ones. However, for little plants existing in your garden, you require a better tool for you to remove them correctly; this tool is non-other than a dandelion digger.

The handheld pullers work better just like the larger one in the way of entangling the roots and weed through their teeth with the hope of removing the whole roots and plant. Dandelion digger has a long flat head screwdriver appearance with a split end for entangling weeds. For you to remove the weed, you can push it down the weed while twisting and pulling them.



Loppers are handy garden tools, especially when it comes to cutting of heavy-duty in your garden. Loppers feature a similar blade style as those of pruning shear, although they come with a very long handle for additional leverage. Besides, this long handle allows the user to reach the far end without necessarily using a ladder.


gardener tools



This is one of the ideal tools for any gardener. There are different types of them; however, a draw hoe that has a flat blade on its end is the most commonly used. These blades are perpendicular to the handle, thus making it suitable for shaping and moving the soil and at the same time weeding.

Besides, hoe tools are suitable for use in the digging of very shallow and narrow trenches ready for planting.


Hand Rake

Hand rakes are mostly applicable for use in working in a small area without damaging the existing plants. This tool comes in different forms but serves the same purpose on a smaller scale. For clearing debris and gathering, there are small duty rakes that come with flexible tines. However, there are heavy-duty rakes with very stiff tines in breaking and tilling.



Jobs that are too heavy for the trowel, you require a spade for that matter. But what is a spade? It is a short handheld shovel that has a rectangular blade with a handle for additional grip when digging. Mainly, a spade is a tool for digging and has blades curved and stunted as compared to a shovel. Besides, a spade is suitable for use in moving very loose soil and slicing any stubborn roots.



A bow rake is a garden tool used for gathering or clearing loose debris in any garden. Compared with a leaf rake, bow rakes consists of sturdier steel that is very strong, which makes them better for weeding, leveling the soil, light tilling works, and scattering very loose material such as mulch.


Bow saw

Bow saw is useful in handling any larger garden tasks that a lopper may not control. Usually, a Bow saw is a handheld saw with additional coarse teeth, which does speedy work on removing the branches of up to six inches thick.



Now that you have gone through this article, we hope that you have insight information regarding the most top 10 garden power tools used in gardening.

When you get the right tool for your garden, it merely implies that you will probably have a beautiful garden. Therefore, take a step and acquire a powerful tool using the knowledge from the above information.

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