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TopoLite Grow Tent & Grow Tent Kit Review | Top Choice!

topolite grow tent review

[Updated on: 24 February 2022]

If you’re looking for a home for your plants to help them flourish, then Topolite grow tent and grow tent kit are precisely what you’re looking for.

Traditional gardening may be great, but it’s not for everyone. Not only do you need space, but these plants demand a lot more attention particularly since you can’t control essential factors like the weather and temperature.

In addition, you can’t do much about the odor plants give off.

If you’re a plant lover and are looking for an alternative, this Topolite equipment may be for you.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Topolite grow tent (including the topolite grow tent hydroponic system), and the topolite grow tent room complete kit to help you make the best gardening choices.


Why Choose Topolite Grow Tents and Grow Kits

Let’s dive in on why topolite grow tent and grow tent kit may be what you and your plants need!


Topolite Grow Tent Review

This Grow tent is a bestseller and comes highly recommended due to its various plant-friendly features to help your plants grow green and healthy.


topolite grow tent


Has Many Sizes Available

For starters, the grow tent comes in numerous sizes. The smallest is 24 x24 x48 inches (topolite grow tent hydroponic system), and the largest is 120 x 120 x 80 inches, providing you with several options to choose from.

The topolite grow tent hydroponic system is ideal for beginners or limited space. It can accommodate four small or medium plants and is perfect as a seedling and a clone tent.

If you don’t know which size to buy, look into how tall you expect your plants to grow to help you make your decision.

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Strong and Dense Fabric

A good grow tent should be thick enough to contain the odor and to prevent any pests from going in.

The fabric for the topolite grow tent is 600D, which, although may not be the thickest one out there, it’s more than enough to do a good job.


Topolite Grow Tent Has No Light Leaks

We all know how important light is for the health of plants. A good grow tent should not let any of this precious light escape so that your plants utilize as much of it as possible.

In addition, too much light is also harmful to your plants. Therefore, reliable grow tents should not only let any light out, they should also make sure no light goes in so that your plants are not disturbed during their dark cycle.

The grow tent comprises 96% highly reflective diamond Mylar and 600D lightproof oxford material to stop any light leakage.

In addition, the fabric is double stitched for extra security.


Come With Frame Strength

No matter how many great features a grow tent has, without a strong foundation, it all means nothing.

The topolite grow tent will not fail you in this regard. It comes with a strong metal frame (white in color), and you can choose between metal and plastic connectors.


Spill Tray

Your plants need water, and that means spillage. So, of course, you not only want to keep the floor of your tent dry but also want to prevent any water from leaking out.

The spill tray of the topolite grow tent collects all the water and, since it is removable, makes cleaning up spillages easy.


Has Good Zipper Quality

The zippers are one of the most critical parts of your grow tents. They need to be strong enough not to break off as that will trap your plants inside the grow tent. In addition, they need to be lightproof and not leak light.

The topolite grow tent is equipped with large, heavy-duty zippers that won’t leak any light and won’t break off, so you can trust this grow tent with your plants.


Multiple Vents

A ventilation system is vital for the growth of your plants.

The topolite grow tent features multiple mesh vents for better ventilation. You can fit in several fans and filters, allowing you to produce all sorts of fruits, vegetables, and herbs under one roof.

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Topolite Grow Tent Kit Review

The topolite grow tent kit is ideal for those looking for a complete package to help you set up your indoor garden.

In addition to your grow tent, the grow tent kit contains the following.


TopoLite Grow Tent Room Complete Kit


Tent Kit LED Light

One of the contents of the topolite grow tent complete room kit is a 300W-800W LED full spectrum grow light. The light also emits low heat.

The tent kit light is user-friendly and allows you to provide light to your plants according to what their growth cycle requires.


Grow Tent Kit Inline Fan Carbon Filter Combo

This inline fan of the tent kit is fluted on both ends for ducting is lightweight and easy to install. It will ensure proper ventilation with low noise. The exhaust fan also comes with a fan speed controller to help you make adjustments.

The activated carbon filter of the tent kit has a 950 iodine adsorption value and an inner and outer mesh which provides 53% open area allowing increased airflow.

It comes with a coal-based activated carbon filter with a carbon layer thickness of 1.5 inches and a zinc-anodized steel housing mesh which is excellent for odor control.

The clamps of the tent kit are adjustable and made of galvanized steel.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

If you’re interested in purchasing either a topolite grow tent or a topolite grow tent kit, let’s review the pros and cons to help you make your decision.



  • Variety of sizes to choose from suitable for both beginners and expert gardeners
  • Durable and robust build (metal frame)
  • Thick and dense fabric
  • No light leaks
  • Easy cleanup; removable spill tray
  • Viewing window and multiple vents
  • Topolite grow tent is easy to install and requires no additional tools
  • Good ventilation system
  • Carbon-based odor control
  • Full-spectrum LED light with low heat
  • The grow tent kit is great if you’re thinking of starting from scratch



  • Not as thick as other grow tents on the market but gets the job done
  • The pre-filter Carbon is not very thick
  • No warranty available
  • Not the tallest grow tent out there
  • Some users say that the inline fan and carbon filters in the grow tent kit may not be high quality.
  • There are no thermometers available in the tent kit

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Got some questions? Maybe these FAQs will help solve some of your queries about the topolite grow tent and the tent kit.


Are All the Necessary Accessories Present in the Topolite Grow Tent Kit?

Yes, the topolite tent kit is a complete set and has all the accessories you need to set up. However, some plants require an extra setup, so see if you need any additional accessories.


How Discrete is the Grow Tent?

Very discrete! The topolite grow tent cover is entirely black with no logos or anything on the exterior, so you can keep it anywhere in your home without it attracting too much attention.


How Many Plants Can My Grow Tent Fit?

That depends on which size of the topolite grow tent or tent kit you want to buy. Buy a grow tent that is large enough for your plants and provides them with enough space.

Remember, your tent room should be larger than the space your plants may occupy. This is so that there is no overcrowding.


What Is the Light to Dark Cycle Ratio?

You can provide your plants with up to 16 hours of the light cycle with the Topolite LED light in the tent kit.


What Is the Length of the Ducting?

The ducting in the Topolite grow tent and tent kit is sufficient and is 25 feet long.


topolite grow tent kit


Final Thoughts

The Topolitet grow tent and grow tent kit are a bestseller for a reason; they have great features well suited to your plants’ needs.

So, whether you’re just starting (Topolite grow tent hydroponic system is great for you), are already a gardening expert, or looking for a grow tent room complete kit, Topolite has the best products available for you to choose from.

Just remember to study your plants to understand what they need to make your purchase accordingly.

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