Using CBD Oil for Anxiety: Top 5 Things to Remember

cbd oil anxiety


There are many kinds of cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis plant. One of them is cannabidiol or CBD, which has continuously shown amazing potential in managing symptoms of different health conditions.

One among them is anxiety, with plenty of anecdotal evidence and a growing number of scientific research to back its effectiveness.

If you’re suffering from anxiety disorders and are looking for a natural and viable way to deal with symptoms, perhaps CBD might work for you.

Of course, it’s best to consult your doctor before trying any CBD products as they may interact negatively with medications like antibiotics or antidepressants.

Once you’ve gotten the go-ahead, here are a few things to remember for a successful treatment using CBD.


CBD Oils and Tinctures are the Most Potent

If you want the highest potency, you should look into getting water-soluble CBD tinctures and CBD oils. You can still consume CBD through various methods, like edibles or vape pens, but if you want the best results, you should use CBD tinctures and CBD oil for anxiety and its symptoms.


Choose Broad- or Full-Spectrum Products

Studies have shown that CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the cannabinoid that causes a “high”) actually work better together.

This is called the “entourage effect,” which is also at work with other cannabinoids like cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN).

Thus, if you want the full effect, be sure to look for full-spectrum oils as opposed to distillates or isolates.

This way, you know that the product you’re getting contains all the cannabinoids. You can also get broad-spectrum products if you prefer not to feel high since these leave out THC.

Broad- and full-spectrum products offer relief from more symptoms compared to pure CBD. Moreover, these products undergo less processing since they don’t have to remove a lot of the other cannabinoids.

This then preserves other valuable components in cannabis like terpenes, organic compounds that affect the odor and flavor of the oil or tincture.


It’s a Good Idea to Use CBD After an Anxiety Attack

You might be tempted to take CBD as soon as you feel the symptoms coming on. However, a study has actually found that there’s a bigger benefit if you take CBD immediately after an anxiety attack or after an anxiety or stress-inducing situation.

For example, if you’re presenting a project proposal to your boss, taking CBD after your presentation can help reduce feelings of anxiety and worry.


cbd oil for anxiety


Make Sure to Get the Right Dose

Do note that anxiety disorders are so much more different than occasional anxiety or nervousness. As such, for the CBD to work, you’ll definitely need a much higher dose than what casual or recreational users might need.

The usual per-use dosage is about 33 to 55 milligrams for CBD oil or 17 milligrams if you’re using water-soluble tinctures.

These amounts are ideal if you’re new to using CBD for addressing your symptoms and still haven’t found the dosage that works best for you.


Evaluate Your Results

Do note that while anecdotes from long-time users say that CBD is much more effective for managing their symptoms, these oils and tinctures don’t deliver instant effects.

It will take some time for the events to kick in, so just be patient. Moreover, don’t expect to have the same exact response as that of another patient. Different bodies have different reactions to different treatments, even one as natural as CBD.

Don’t lose hope and, more importantly, don’t expect that you can replicate the same effect you’ve heard or read about.

You should also allocate about two to four weeks to evaluate the effects that the CBD is having on your anxiety symptoms.

Take note of your quality of life, too. If you’ve noticed improvements, good. If not, you may need a different dose or method of consumption. As always, consult your doctor to get professional assessments and recommendations.

Anxiety disorders and other mental health issues can seem insurmountable. Thanks to science and continuous research, however, patients now have more options to manage their symptoms. Talk to your doctor if CBD is a good option for your own anxiety management.

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