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viparspectra grow tent review

When growing weed indoors, controlling light intensity, humidity, and temperature can be a bit of a challenge.

You need the best equipment to grow indoors successfully.

Luckily enough, we have an indoor grow tent for weed to manage that for us. These provide all the essentials for the plant without much work on your part.

As opposed to a grow box, you can take apart the grow tent rather easily. It creates an environment for the plant to absorb more light as the sturdy canvas does not let any light escape.

They work great with hydroponics, and your plants grow faster. The VIPARSPECTRA Grow Tent is one such tent that guarantees quick and healthy growth based on grow tent reviews.



Viparspectra Hydroponic Grow Tent Overview

The VIPARSPECTRA Grow Tent is a medium-sized tent that is 4’ x 2’. The dimensions of this grow tent is 48 x 24 x 60.

You can put 3 mature or up to 8 small plants. It is made from a 100% reflective Mylar that is tear-resistant and waterproof.

The metal frame of this grow tent is powder-coated to protect it from rust. It is a sturdy grow tent that will easily last you years.

The material of the grow tent enhances the light in-take of plants so they get all the light from your grow lights.

The exterior of the tent is a weather-resistant heavy-duty oxford fabric.

The interior is non-toxic so you do not have to worry about your plants acquiring any harmful toxins.

This top-rated grow tent comes with a removable floor pan that makes cleaning a breeze.

This is a reflective waterproof floor pan to provide the 100% reflective environment this product promises.

It is easy to put together too and transport. The metal parts come with tool-free connectors that essentially require no hardware.

They self-lock with spring tension and are easily unlocked when you want to dismantle.

The metal poles of this grow tent can withstand a weight of up to 110 pounds. That is enough to put even heavy grow lights.

The small rectangular window on the tent is covered with mesh to protect the plants from dust and insects.

The grow tent’s own weight is 19.8 pounds.

VIPARSPECTRA is a China-based company that produces horticulture products. It is a relatively new name in the industry but is quickly garnering popularity.

The tent has a one-year warranty and also a 30-day money-back guarantee.



Pros & Cons of the Viparspectra Grow Tent

  • Pros

The main benefit of this top-rated grow tent is that it guarantees 100% reflection which is basically the main reason why people go for grow tents. This ensures that your plants get enough light to accelerate their growth. All grow tent reviews vouch for this quality. There is enough room to have several big plants and all the other equipment. You can mix and match to have the set up that works best for your plants.

This is good value for money considering it is a heavy-duty tent that can house many batches of plants for a long time. I believe it should be treated as an investment as in the long-term you will be saving a lot of money by growing your own weed. It only makes sense to invest in a high-quality and long-lasting product such as this best grow tent from VIPARSPECTRA.

The size is big enough to grow a small number of plants and also small enough to fit in a small area. Another benefit is that your plants stay protected within the tent thanks to the heavy-duty zipper and double stitching lining.

Lastly, the company offers a one-year warranty which is enough time to test the tent if it is up to the mark. If there is any problem you face, you can even return it and get your money within the first month. Keeping that in mind, I would say it is a smart purchase.

  • Cons

It is hard to find any problems with this tent so far. However, one little problem is that the light bleeds a little from the zipper even though it is a good-quality zipper. Also, the zipper takes a bit of effort when you need to use it. You have to push it outward to move it. They could definitely improve these things but one can get used to it too.



Review Criteria for Indoor Grow Tents

Ideally, the best grow tent would allow you to take control and make the best of the small space and resources you have for growing the plants. There are a few things that decide if the grow tent in question really is great.

While size is mostly dependent on your own need, there are a few other things that apply to virtually all grow tents. That said a medium-sized tent should be good enough to accommodate even heavy grow lights without needing to vent off the excess heat. The size may be a choice but it will determine the selection of other components and ultimately decide the costs associated with growing indoors.

The best indoor grow tent should have light control features like zippers and vent socks. The canvas density is important too. It should be puncture-resistant and waterproof. Accessories like trays and pouches are not essential but can make working with the grow tent more convenient.

One thing that I believe needs attention is the maximum weight capacity of the frames. Whatever weight you think you need, you should get something higher than that. The tent should ideally be portable and easily installed, especially if you are new to grow tents.

Now, there are many brands producing grow tents but not every grow tent is worth your money. You learn that the hard way but when you do you know exactly what you want.


Conclusions about the ViparSpectra Grow Tent.

All in all, it will make your life easy and give your plants the chance to grow fast and healthy as indicated by the many positive grow tent reviews. I would recommend it for those who want to take up growing weed as more than just a habit.


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