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ViparSpectra LED Grow Lights Review | Great Performance & Warranties

viparspectra led grow lightsGrow lights can make or break your gardening season because excellent ones will help your plants grow at every growth stage.

With so many options out there, it can be tough to find the perfect grow light. ViparSpectra is famous among both beginner and expert gardeners when it comes to effective grow lights.

This one hits the sweet spot between price and performance, delivering an extremely satisfying user experience. Today, we will review the different grow lights by ViparSpectra and help you figure out which best suits your garden.


Why Choose ViparSpectra?

ViparSpectra is the leading name in the grow light industry. Ever since its launch in 2011, it has been improving its technology, design, and products. It has gained the trust of millions by delivering high-quality grow lights at affordable prices.

With 24/7 assistance and extreme care for customer experience, ViparSpectra has managed to stay relevant over the years. The company has been investing in research and development to ensure the effectiveness and longevity of its products.

Furthermore, to maintain its reputation as the number one grow light manufacturer, ViparSpectra runs regular tests to find the best technology for your plants’ growth.

The company has also set up warehouses and service centers worldwide to assist its customers with comfortable shopping. To remain the best in the competition, it has continually met the growing industry demand with utmost determination.

In addition to this, ViparSpectra has created a user-friendly environment, allowing beginners to get their hands on the best packages. By getting rid of middlemen and distributors, ViparSpectra sells directly to its customers to avoid inconveniences in the brand’s name.

These industry practices have allowed the company to create a trustworthy relationship with its customers. Not only this, but ViparSpectra also features long-term warranties on its products.

This attention to little details boosts the confidence of customers when making purchases. No wonder ViparSpectra happens to be the best choice among most growers.

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ViparSpectra  LED Grow Lights

ViparSpectra has a tonne of grow lights options to choose from. We have compiled a list of all the ViparSpectra  LED grow lights that we believe are the brand’s best products in the market. Read about them in detail below.



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Typical LED


The Revolutionary ViparSpectra XS Series

Quantum boards have changed the perspective of indoor growing ever since their launch. By providing a larger surface area for diodes, quantum boards can magically improve your plants’ growth.

Most gardeners reported a significant increase in their yields after using this technology. Due to this increased popularity, almost all big companies now feature Quantum board grow lights.

However, the prices of these grow lights can be significantly high. ViparSpectra smoothly tackles that problem by providing affordable Quantum board grow lights with its new XS series.

With their great Samsung chips and MeanWell drivers, the ViparSpectra  XS series makes one of the best high-performance grow lights. However, that’s not all that there is to the ViparSpectra  XS series.

The series also offers several wattages for different use cases, including ViparSpectra  300w,  ViparSpectra  600w, ViparSpectra  1200w, and ViparSpectra  450w. All of the ViparSpectra  LED grow lights are of durable build quality.

The XS series offers a variety of products for every indoor-grower type. The product’s features include a wide light spread and a larger light spectrum.


  • Large light spread to cover a larger surface area.
  • Full light spectrum to replicate better lighting conditions similar to sunlight.
  • Highly efficient with low power consumption.
  • Fanless system hence no noise.
  • Low heat production means an overall cool system.


  • Confusing product names.
  • Quality Control issues when compared to more expensive brands.

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Second to the XS – the Incredible Pro Series

The ViparSpectra  Pro series features powerful and feature-packed quantum grow lights. The lights have compact form factors that render a large space for your plants. For their compact size, these ViparSpectra  LED grow lights offer powerful and bright light with wide spreads.

ViparSpectra  Pro series provides full customizability for its customers with its spectrum and control knob. You can adjust the light according to your plant’s needs through the easy-to-use knob.

The lights are strong enough to grow your plants from seedlings single-handedly. Unlike many grow lights, the ViparSpectra  Pro series products show exceptional yield when growing plants.

Despite the feature-richness of the grow lights, ViparSpectra manages to keep the prices unbelievably low.

Additionally, the series features lights of several wattages depending on your requirements. The wattages include ViparSpectra  600w, ViparSpectra  1200w, ViparSpectra  300w, and ViparSpectra  450w.

These lights also feature an aluminum sink, ridding you of annoying heating problems.

Moreover, the Pro Series features grow lights of various form factors, making them suitable for different farm sizes. Like any other ViparSpectra product, the Pro Series also offers warranties on purchases.


  • Powerful lights with wide spreads
  • Produces high yield
  • Light on pocket
  • Well-rounded cooling system


  • Dimming knobs not available on every product.

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VS Series- Calmest Grow Lights Ever!


ViparSpectra  VS series packs a powerful punch with its energy efficiency and full canopy penetration. These offer a full light spectrum, allowing your plants to grow at their full potential.

Moreover, the IR and Red light will enable plants to bloom faster and produce greater yields. Plus, the ViparSpectra grow lights also feature a convenient knob for easy intensity control during different growth stages.

Unlike most grow lights, ViparSpectra has specially designed its lights to be noiseless and calm to create a peaceful vibe. VS series ViparSpectra grow lights to keep the noises low with their fanless system. The manufacturer has also employed an aluminum heat sink to absorb the heat.

The powerful and industry-standard MeanWell drivers allow the lights to be cost-efficient, long-lasting, and produce high PAR outputs. The products come with incredible warranties and money-back packages, making them an exciting choice.


  • Full light spectrum including IR and Red light
  • No fans, no noise
  • Aluminum heat sink to keep the system cool
  • High PAR outputs for optimal growth
  • Dimmer knobs to control light outputs


  • Not many options are available

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PAR Series–Typical LED Lights

The PAR series by ViparSpectra features several products specially optimized to achieve a balanced PAR/Lumen output and coverage. ViparSpectra  PAR series grow lights have separate dimmers for Red, White, and Green channels to ensure optimal plant growth conditions.

Additionally, the fully customizable and flexible dimmers allow for precise light control to achieve perfect results. In terms of efficiency, the grow lights leave the typical HPS/MH lights behind by a large margin.

The lights are also incredibly heat-optimized with durable fans and wide aluminum sinks. These products also come with long-term warranties.


  • Scientifically engineered to achieve balanced PAR/Lumen
  • Separate dimmers for precise outputs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Durable fans and aluminum sink
  • Warranties and 24/7 customer service are available


  • Not an utterly noiseless system

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Reflector-Series Focused Light Tech

The ViparSpectra  Reflector Series features a unique technology that produces a clear and focused light compared to a scattered one. It offers devices of varying wattages for different use cases.

The manufacturers have paid extra attention to ensuring safety in these lights. Plus, the reflectors are fire-resistant and UL Certified, guaranteeing their safety.

These ViparSpectra grow lights feature a full spectrum that will allow your plants through every growth stage. Also, they are integrated with high-speed and low-noise fans that ensure your farm stays cool at all times.

Moreover, the Reflector Series provides impressive performance in real-life scenarios with high yields and customer satisfaction. The products come with ViparSpectra ’s trust and name, giving you the confidence of quality and longevity.

Moreover, the manufacturers offer 3-year warranties and a 30-day money-back policy on their Reflector series.

To top it off, ViparSpectra ’s Reflector Series is one of a kind with its high-intensity lights that can grow even the toughest of plants. Despite these fantastic advantages, the lights manage to keep the energy consumption low while also being light on your pockets.


  • Focused light for canopy penetration
  • Safety guaranteed with UL Certificate
  • Incredible cooling system
  • Warranties and 24/7 customer support


  • The focused light is not suitable for every use case.

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Dimmable Series- Control Your Grow Lights Your Way

The ViparSpectra  Dimmable Series offers some unique features and gives you the ability to control each channel output precisely. It is perfect for experienced growers who want specific light results for their plants.

These ViparSpectra grow lights can maintain an optimal temperature with their aluminum sinks and front fans. You can control them through an easy-to-use knob to achieve the perfect output and can also support your plants from the initial stage to harvest.

What’s more, these grow lights come with warranties and money-back packages – a trademark to ViparSpectra.


  • Dimmable and precise light outputs
  • Front fans and heat sink
  • Warranties and 24/7 customer support


  • Requires more management to control outputs

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Final Verdict

ViparSpectra is a savior for small-to-midsize indoor farms. With their exceptional warranties, low prices, and competitive features, ViparSpectra grows lights provide a great price-to-performance ratio.

All in all, the ViparSpectra  LED grow lights are perfect for anyone who is just getting into indoor farming. Beginners can make use of these easy-to-install and compact lights to boost their farm yields.

So, if you’re looking for reasonably high-quality grow lights for your grow tent or room, ViparSpectra would be your top choice!

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