VivoSun Hydroponic Observation Window Grow Tent [Reviewed]

VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Grow tents are continuously gaining immense demand on these days especially for those who are really fond of spending time doing some indoor planting activities at home.

Well, upon browsing the huge number of choices to choose from, I was able to find this VivoSun Hydroponic Observation Window.

This is one of the best grow tent that I’ve used for my indoor cultivation.

I am already doing indoor planting activities before, yet I have not found any type of grow tent which has the same function and features as this VivoSun Hydroponic Observation Window.



What Makes This VivoSun One of The Best Grow Tent in the Market?


Unrivaled materials and craftsmanship really made this VivoSun Hydroponic Observation Window one of my best choice and even those savvy shoppers. This features the best easy to view window that would definitely help you in viewing the growth of your plants daily.  This is one of the unique designs that make this grow tent different from others.

It also includes a removable tray which is highly needed in every grow tents. That way, you are given the chance to make the cleaning and washing process easy and simple.  This also offers a tool-free type of connectors along with a carbon filter belt and dual ventilation types of socks.

Having this type of package really made me realized that this grow tent is perfect for my indoor planting activities. Well, I was not completely wrong since it really made my indoor planting activities more fun and exciting knowing that in the end, I can have better and healthy yields.


Best Features of VivoSun Hydroponic Observation Window

Well, not all the grow tents offered in the market have the same features which would make your indoor planting activities more fun and exciting.

That is why you may always find it hard to determine which among these tents are best. Well, as far as the best grow tent is concerned, this is one of the grow tent I would love to recommend to those indoor planters like me but this VivoSun Hydroponic Observation Window.

To make it easy and simple for you to understand why this is my top choice and why you should also do the same thing, then here are the lists of some of the best features that it offer and these include the following:

  • Light Proof – This grow tent blocks all the light that escapes. In its interior part, it offers 95% of the reflective type of mylar lining that provides an efficiency boost to the lighting setup of the grow tent’s power configuration.
  • Extra-Thick Type of Canvas – For just one touch of the canvas, you would already be convinced that this is one of the best and on top of its quality. It is also durable and can stand the test of time.
  • Easy Access – This also offers easy to access the door that smoothly unzips. This makes it comfortable and easy for you to take some peek inside.
  • Fast Installation – This type of grow tent can be easily installed. You need other tools during the installation process anymore.
  • Two Years Warranty – This grow tent is made and offered at its two years warranty.




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