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You often find yourself at the crossroads while selecting water pipes and bongs.

Don’t worry, because we’ll discuss the best water pipes by Hemper so that you can select an apt water pipe to match your requirements.

So, we are quite excited and hope the same at your end. However, wait, let’s discuss the difference between the glass water pipe and water bong.


Water Pipes and Bongs

A glass water pipe comprises three main structural components:

  • A bowl for the herbs
  • An air hole
  • A hole to smoke through

Once you light the herbs, you need to place your thumb over the air hole and release it to inhale the smoke.

A bong features a complex structure that passes the smoke through the water before inhaling it.

Bongs are almost like the traditional water pipes to smoke dry herbs. Once the herbs get heated, a bong will diffuse the smoke in the water to filter it. This way, you inhale clean and cool smoke.

An alternative to using a bong is taking a rip from an oil rig. If you plan to use concentrates to get to cloud 9 – check out Hemper’s collection of dab rigs.

A glass water pipe is relatively smaller in size and more portable. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any water, so you can conveniently use it by merely lighting the weed.

Not only that, you don’t have to worry about thrash-filled bong water on your carpet.

On the other hand, a glass water bong is undoubtedly larger than a water pipe. Nonetheless, the most significant advantage of using water bongs is the filtration process.

This way, you inhale a cleaner smoke since it travels through water before reaching the lungs.

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How to Choose a Water Bong?

It’s an exciting debate. Don’t worry because we will simplify it for you by describing the types of glass bongs for different occasions.


Thick Glass Bong

Glass is a popular material for both bongs and pipes due to its quality and thickness.

A good-quality glass exhibits strength and is less prone to breaking. Additionally, it’s relatively most comfortable to clean, thus giving you a hygiene benefit, you can also use a bong cleaner.


Percolator Bong

A percolator bong ensures enhanced smoke filtration and cooling. It offers an improved bubble effect and makes inhalation easy because of the added filtration layer.

You can find percolator bongs in various shapes such as showerhead, spiral, matrix, inline, tree, turbine, and many more.

However, this enhanced filtration indeed comes at a higher price.


Beaker Bong

A beaker bong features a stable, broader base and holds more water to regulate the filtration and drag resistance level. Thanks to its unique shape, it requires less cleaning than the rest of the available water bongs.


Silicone Bong

It’s a robust and lightweight bong that you can easily transport. Furthermore, you can bend it for deep cleaning from time to time.

However, it emits a mild plastic taste which makes the smoke harsher than glass bongs.


Ice Bong

You can place ice cubes within the chambers to elevate your inhaling experience. By the way, ice glass bongs are the most expensive ones among the rest.


Metal Bong

Metal bongs are available in either stainless steel or aluminum, offering a stylish and contemporary look.

It’s relatively cheaper than a glass bong. However, it compromises the smoke’s taste. Moreover, metal conducts heat, so you can’t touch the bong body.


Themed Water Pipes

Nowadays, themed water pipes are gaining a lot of popularity because they are nothing less than intricate pieces of art.

They will usually include different designs in quality, custom, and unique concepts.

Hemper carries anything from a donut pipe to an eggplant pipe. Like a new outfit or hairstyle, novelty pipes help express our different styles and personas.

Shop Hemper bongs if you want a pipe that usually ends up being a collectible.


Best Water Pipes by Hemper

Without further ado, let’s talk about some of the best water pipes by Hemper below.


Hemper 70’s XL Bong

HEMPER 70's XL BongAre you looking for an extra-large bong? Well, this one has a height of 10.5 inches. What’s more, you also get an hourglass base and inline percolator.

The best thing about this stylish bong is its double percolation for elevated filtration. It includes an inline and lava dome percolator to provide you clean smoke.

This elegant bong comes in three colors including, green, teal, and blue.

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Vase Bong by Hemper

hemper base bongThe Hemper Vase Bong is a stylish addition to a desk or a coffee table. It’s designed with premium-quality, clear glass for an aesthetically appealing look.

This one comes with angled-down steam, leading into a slit ball percolator, which cools down for concentrated smoke.

The Hamper vase bong features a sleek dimension of 7-inch height and a 3.5-inch base, making it portable.


Hemper Flower Vase XL Bong

Hemper Flower Vase XL BongThe Hemper Flower Vase XL Bong is a multi-functional bong that can work as a fancy decor, thanks to its scalloped glass pattern.

The 10 inches downstem looks like a flower stem, with a 4.5 inches flower-shaped bowl at the bottom. Other features include ball percolator and ice pinches.


Cyberpunk Hemper  Bong

Hemper Cyberpunk BongDesigned in November 2020, the Hemper Cyberpunk Bong showcases a futuristic piece of art that glows in the dark.

It’s around 7 inches long and 3 inches wide. Moreover, this bong offers colored uptake tubes and a showerhead percolator. Pretty nice, right?

Cyberpunk bong is essentially a recycler and doesn’t let any water enter your mouth.

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Hemper Vase Bong (Full Color)

Hemper Vase full color BongAs the name suggests, the Hemper Vase Bong comes in a singular color, making it a stylish addition to your desk.

The angled downstem leads into a slit ball percolator, which then diffuses and cools the smoke.

It offers compact dimensions featuring seven inches height and 3.5 inches base so that you can conveniently carry it around.


Jellyfish Jar Bong by Hemper

hemper jellyfish bongThe Hemper Jellyfish Jar Bong has a cool jellyfish-style tree percolator with large holes, allowing you to enjoy a satisfying chug. Additionally, it comes with a sleek jar shape to fit in your hand perfectly.

You can use the compact 3.5 inches jar base to place a cup holder while traveling with your friends.

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Final Verdict

To sum up, one of the best ways to smoke is to select any of the above glass water pipes by Hamper. They offer a variety of colors and designs, ranging from a flower vase to a jellyfish jar.

What are you still waiting for? Get yourself a glass water bong right away for an amazing smoking experience.

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