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Weed Bouquets: What are They and Why are They Popular

cannabis bouquet

In recent years, as attitudes and restrictions regarding marijuana have started to soften in many areas, we’ve seen the cannabis industry explore in all kinds of fun and fresh directions.

There are more ways to consume weed and a greater variety of cannabis-based products than ever before, from edibles and concentrates to topicals and oils.

One of the most interesting new trends in the weed world is the emergence of so-called weed bouquets. They’re a lot like regular plant and flower bouquets, but with weed mixed in, and many people are talking about them and ordering them for themselves.

In this article, we’ll explore the emergence of weed bouquets and look at some of their uses and benefits.


What is a Weed Bouquet?

Let’s begin with the obvious question on everyone’s lips: what is a weed bouquet? If you’ve never heard of this concept before or seen a weed bouquet with your own two eyes, it might seem like a strange or unexpected idea. However, weed bouquets are actually pretty simple; just like the name suggests, they’re bouquets that include weed.

You can find a wide range of weed bouquets. Some of them will contain a mixture of the typical bouquet flowers, like roses and lilies, along with some stems of cannabis or hemp. Others will be much more weed-oriented (and more expensive as a result) and contain nothing but different varieties of weed all bundled together.


Are Weed Bouquets Legal?

Of course, before buying or making any weed bouquets of your own, you’ll need to confirm whether or not they’re legal. And, as with most questions related to weed legality, the fact of the matter is that this all depends on where you live, as weed laws and regulations can vary from place to place.

Cannabis is perfectly legal in some states, more restricted in others, and completely outlawed in other places. In any area where weed is legal for recreational sale and usage, weed bouquets should be completely legal and allowed. However, if you live in a place where only medical weed is legal, then weed bouquets probably won’t be legal.

With that said, even if you live somewhere where weed isn’t allowed, you may still be able to get a variant of a weed bouquet that only includes hemp stems. The hemp plant is a variant of cannabis that has no THC, so it’s a safe option and is usually 100% legal for things like weed bouquets and other uses.


How Weed Has Grown on Florists

So, where did the weed trend come from and how has it become such a popular concept in recent times? Well, no one is quite sure where the first weed bouquet was put together, but the trend really started to take off back in 2017. For Valentine’s Day of that year, a weed company called Lowell Herb made limited edition weed flower crowns that quickly went viral.

As florists and other companies saw how much people loved the flower crowns, they started to experiment with combining flowers and weed for themselves, with lots of fun bouquet designs suddenly appearing all around the US and beyond. And, as the popularity of these products grew and grew, more florists decided to get in on the act.

In addition, the softening of many weed-related laws has also helped to popularize this trend. Since it’s now much easier for any cannabis cultivator to operate and businesses have more free access to cannabis plants, florists don’t have to worry about so much red tape or restrictions when making weed bouquets or decorative weed arrangements for their customers.


Cannabis Flower Arrangement as a Trend

The trend of cannabis flower arrangements and marijuana bouquets has really taken off in recent years. A lot of cannabis connoisseurs love the idea of mixing and matching weed with flowers, and even those who aren’t usually big weed users can appreciate the unique looks, vibes, and smells of weed bouquets.

These unique flower arrangements are being increasingly shared, discussed, and enjoyed online on social media sites, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. In fact, it seems that an increasing number of florists are giving weed bouquets a try, and lots of people are experimenting with different flower and plant combinations.


weed boucket


Popular Uses for Weed Bouquets

So, what can you actually do with a weed bouquet? Well, there are several ways to enjoy these unique arrangements of plant life:

  • Aesthetics and Aroma – Just like any other kind of bouquet, one of the most popular ways to use weed bouquets is to simply display them around the home, enjoying their beautiful aesthetics and savoring the unique smells that flow around the room from the various flowers and stems.
  • Special Occasions – A lot of people are also making use of weed bouquets for special occasions. The trend first took off around Valentine’s Day several years ago, and since then, we’ve seen lots of weed bouquets sold around holiday periods like 4.20, as well as for weddings and other celebrations.
  • Gifts – Know someone who loves cannabis and wants to get them a great gift? Instead of buying the usual cannabis accessories, you could treat your loved one to a truly unique weed bouquet. This is one of the best gifts to give to weed lovers, and many people will be happy to receive it.
  • Smoking and Consumption – Of course, another obvious use for weed bouquets is to actually smoke the weed itself. Users can display the bouquet at home and admire it over time, taking out stems gradually and grinding them down to mix into joints, blunts, and pipes. Or, you can even decarboxylate the weed and make edibles or other products to actually feel the effects of cannabis and not just the smell.


What Are Some Classy Cannabis Bouquets?

If you’re interested in buying a classy cannabis bouquet of your own, the sky’s the limit! The truth is that every bouquet is different, and there are lots of amazing flowers and weed strains that can work well together in bouquets. You could try something classic, like mixing weed stems with red and white roses, or be bold with other unique plants, like lilies and peonies.

It all depends on your personal tastes and preferences. Some people might like a very colorful bouquet with lots of different shades and hues, while others might like to play around with different sticky weed stems with lots of aromatic trichomes and terpenes to focus purely on the scent, rather than the aesthetics.



It’s clear to see that weed bouquets are here to stay, and any cannabis connoisseur who also has an appreciation of other plants and flowers should definitely consider trying one of these bouquets out or sharing it as a gift with a friend.

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