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Almost everything about cannabis has changed since it was prohibited in the 1930s. By everything, we mean the growing techniques, cultivation processes, and storage.

It’s almost as if weed is no more the entity we marijuana lovers knew and cherished. One thing, however that’s similar to the initial street vendors system is the weed measurements.

Weed sizes and how to measure weed are important aspects of selling, cultivating, or producing marijuana.

Especially, new users or people who recently get a medical marijuana card really confuse the cannabis terms and weights with each other. So many people don’t know what to tell the budtender when he asks for the quantity they want to purchase.

Therefore, this guide will discuss cannabis measurements completely so that you do not baffle while buying weed or products next time.


Weed Amounts & Weed Measurements

If you’re a newbie, you’re probably thinking, how difficult can it be? Well, for starters, weed measurements are specified using the international system of units and metrics.

Meaning, you’ll measure small weed amounts using the metrics system, but as you increase the amount, the measurement units change to the imperial system.

Furthermore, with marijuana measurements, you need to take the strain, buds, size, and density into account. Exhausting? Not if you have the right guidance about how to measure weed.

Lucky for you, you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve compiled this guide to weed measurements for you. So read along, and we assure you won’t be scratching your head in the dispensary when you hear terms like eight of an ounce, quarter of an ounce, and half an ounce of weed.


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The Basics of Weed Quantities

Before we dive into the actual numbers and metrics, you need to know an important principle about weed measurement. Weed measurements are calculated with different procedures as the weight moves from low to high.

As mentioned before, the measurements start from grams of weed and move towards ounces as the weight increases. Keeping that in mind, let’s move forward.


A Gram of Weed

This is the base unit for small-scale marijuana purchasing. There was a time when consumers could get the gram packet for as low as $10, but that’s not the case anymore.Apart from that, most dispensaries don’t even sell low quantities like these nowadays. The price for a gram also varies according to the quality of the weed.

If you’re wondering how much is a gram of weed, let’s get it straight. A single gram is a minuscule amount, next to nothing. It’s also represented as one-twentieth of an ounce. You can buy this size in both flower and pre-rolled forms of weed.


Two Grams of Marijuana

As the quantity doubles from one gram, the name changes as well. Marijuana sold in two-gram packets is called dub sacks or dub buds. It’s also called dubs for short.

While dime bags and bud dubs can be used for both one and two-gram, this is what the names stand for specifically.


Slang Terms For Cannabis Measurements

If you’re an avid user, you’ll know that there are lots of slang terms for marijuana and weed measurements as well. Most commonly, a gram bag is called a dime bag.


A Dime Bag

Setting out to buy marijuana from anywhere other than your local dispensary? Yes, if you’re thinking about getting weed from streets or other not-so-legal dealing facilities, you should know how much to ask for.

While the dime bag is the most common connotation for a gram of weed, it means many different things regionally.

Besides that, you’ll find a variety of different words for the lowest amount of weed available in different locations, such as a bud or spindle.

Usually, you can buy a dime bag for $10, as the name suggests. However, the dispensaries may charge you higher than the street prices you pay for a dime bag.


A Dub Sack

Besides that, similar to a dime bag, the quantity of a dub sack depends on the region you’re buying your cannabis in. If the minimum size sold is higher than a gram in your region, it will be called a dime bag, while the next quantity in line will automatically become a dub sack.

Also, depending on the amount and the region, a dub sack of marijuana will be priced differently. Mainly, two grams of cannabis cost $20, but high-quality weed can cost more than that. Primarily, they are costly because they have high THC concentrations.

As compared to one gram, two grams is also not much in quantity. So if you buy a two-gram dub sack, you should expect two buds or cannabis flower at the most, enough for one some joints.


A Zip

It is another slang term used for an ounce of cannabis or 28 grams roughly. Previously, one ounce of weed used to fit in a Ziploc bag. Therefore, this reportedly led to the origin of this slang term.

In various states in the United States, zip is the maximum weed amount that cannabis consumers can purchase.


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How Many Grams in an Eighth of Weed?

An eighth is another measurement you must’ve heard if you’re a regular buyer. This term is a connotation for an eighth of an ounce of marijuana. But, how much is an eighth of an ounce?

In clear measurement terms, an eighth of weed is approximately 3.5 grams. We know what you’re thinking. This estimation does sound a little ambiguous as compared to one and two grams of weed. But, surprisingly, it’s a highly purchased quantity for people who like to buy in large quantities.

Believe it or not, if you’re considering which size to get for yourself, an eighth of weed is the most affordable choice of all. Although it’s expensive, if you’re serious about getting a benefit out of your stash, then it’s a better deal than a dime bag or a dub sack.

Apart from that, once you buy an eighth of an ounce, you’ll save yourself the hassle of going to the cannabis sales shop or met your local dealer for almost a week.

Also, while the quantity for a dime bag and a dub sack varies from location to location, the eighth of an ounce remains constant no matter where you are in the world. This means it’ll give you the maximum value for your money.

The usual price for an eighth of weed begins at $20-30 for the lowest quality weed, while the high-end stash could cost you about $50 or above.

As far as the slang is concerned, the names for the eighth are the most creative. You’ll hear all sorts of slang names for the quantity, such as cut, edify, slice, and half a quarter. Nevertheless, an eighth is an easily understood term across the globe.


How Many Grams in a Quarter Ounce?

This term doesn’t require much explanation. It refers to the quarter of an ounce. But if you’re wondering how many grams are in a quarter of weed, there are approximately seven grams.

It’s a large volume, therefore, suitable for those who have a regular habit. But, you see, if you’re using cannabis daily, the best option for you is to store the weed in bulk. This helps you get a better price for the weight you’re purchasing.

As far as the price is concerned, you can get a quarter ounce for $20 as well, but the quality will be trash. The best way is to go for a good quality bud; this will cost you $50 to $70. Although the price is higher, cannabis will last longer and retain its original freshness.

With a quarter ounce in hand, you have enough marijuana for almost fifteen joints or ten blunts in total. Meaning, your stash will last you half a month. But, if you’re smoking from glassware, the size you use up will depend on your bowl packing.

The basic slang name for a quarter is quad. There are many regional names, but you’ll be able to convey what you need to your dealer if you know what amount you’re asking for.


A Half-Ounce of Cannabis

It is the best amount of cannabis for the people who either don’t want to spend on large cannabis purchases or don’t smoke much. A half-ounce of weed equals 14 grams.

Typically, the weed prices for a half-ounce of marijuana ranges from $ 120 to $ 150.


How Many Grams in an Ounce of Weed?

How many grams of weed are there in an ounce? A whopping twenty-eight! Even if a cannabis consumer smokes record-breaking marijuana in a day, this quantity will last quite some time. For usual regular smokers, the ounce of weed can last for some months.

Besides that, buying a full ounce is a costly investment. You’ll get an ounce for about $80 to $100. However, highly potent marijuana can cost you more than $200.

Usually, an ounce is zip or an ‘O’ in slang terms. That’s because an ounce of marijuana is sold in a small zip lock bag. In some places, if you ask for an ounce, you’ll get what you need without having to go through the hassle of memorizing slang names.

Moreover, an ounce is also the maximum size threshold for a person to buy marijuana legally. Local dispensaries won’t allow you to buy more than one ounce of weed in some regions during a single visit.

Nevertheless, if you prefer making a stash of marijuana hash or freezing your weed hoard, there are many ways to buy more. For example, you can easily visit the dispensary more than once or buy from different locations.

The restriction is that an average person won’t normally need more than a full ounce. Also, a person who hoards more than that is likely to sell it illegally. Anyway, if you have an ounce of marijuana at home, you don’t need to worry about any legal issues unless you increase your quantity.

Once you have invested in an ounce of weed, you have enough to last you for a long period. Specifically, an ounce can be used for about 25-30 blunts or as many as a hundred joints.


Common Marijuana Measurements Conversion Chart

If you ask yourself:

How many grams in an eighth? = 3.5 grams of weed

How many grams in a quarter? = 7 grams

grams in a half ounce? = 14 grams of weed

grams in an ounce? = 28 grams

This conversion Table would help you

 Common Weed
 Weight in Grams
1 eighth ounce>>3.5 grams
1 quarter ounce>>7 grams
1 half ounce>>14 grams
3/4 ounce>>21 grams
1 ounce>>28 grams
1 pound>>448 grams
1 kilogram>>1000 grams


Dry Marijuana Conversion Table

Ounce Pound Grams
1 oz>>1/16 lb>>28.35 g
2 oz>>1/8 lb>>56.70 g
3 oz>>1/5.3 lb>>85.05 g
4 oz>>1/4 lb>>113.40 g
8 oz>>1/2 lb>>226.80 g
12 oz>>3/4 lb>>340.194 g
16 oz>>1 lb>>453.592 g
32 oz>>2 lb>>907.185
1 Kg>>2.2 lb>>1000


Marijuana Grams to Ounces & Ounces to Grams Conversion Chart

Grams (g)toOunces (oz)|Ounces
toGrams (g)
1 g
>>0.0353 oz|0.1oz>>2.835 g
2 g>>0.0706 oz|1 oz>>28.35 g
3 g>>0.1058 oz|2 oz>>56.70 g
4 g>>0.1411 oz|3 oz>>85.05 g
5 g>>0.1764 oz|4 oz>>113.40 g
6 g>>0.2116 oz|5 oz>>141.75 g
7 g>>0.2469 oz|6 oz>>170.10 g
8 g>>0.2822 oz|7 oz>>198.45 g
9 g>>0.3175 oz|8 oz>>226.80 g
10 g>>0.3527 oz|9 oz>>255.15 g
20 g>>0.7055 oz|10 oz>>283.50 g
30 g>>1.0582 oz|20 oz>>566.99 g
40 g>>1.4110 oz|30 oz>>850.49 g
50 g>>1.7637 oz|40 oz>>1133.98 g
60 g>>2.1164 oz|50 oz>>1417.48 g
70 g>>2.4692 oz|60 oz>>1700.97 g
80 g>>2.8219 oz|70 oz>>1984.47 g
90 g>>3.1747 oz|80 oz>>2267.96 g
100 g>>3.5274 oz|90 oz >>2551.46 g
1000 g>>35.2740 oz|100 oz>>2834.95 g
|1000 oz>>28349.52 g


How to Measure Cannabis Flower?

Cannabis users can employ various available methods to weigh weed. Details of the methods are given below.


Using a Weed Scale

It is by far the best and most straightforward technique to measure weigh weed. A Scale can help you measure your weed and products too with impeccable precision.

However, consider the following factors while buying the best weed scale:

  • For accurate measurements, always buy a scale the is precise with 0.1 grams weed weights
  • Avoid kitchen scales as they give flawed measurements
  • To save yourself money, try to buy scale from online store because brick and mortar stores have high prices

If you want a scale for measuring smaller amounts of weed, expect to pay somewhere around 10$. All in all, a scale makes purchasing an even half-ounce of weed pretty easy and quick for you.


Eyeballing Technique

Don’t want to pay for a scale? Or do you despise the idea of carrying a scale with you around? Don’t worry. You can use a different method to measure cannabis quantities.

Although not very accurate, eyeballing method is a more simple way to judge cannabis sizes. However, you have to consider certain factors such as density and moisture while measuring the amounts.

Both density and moisture are extremely vital as they can hugely impact the look and feel of the buds. Every strain of cannabis has different properties from the others. For instance, some are tied closely together. At the same time, some may be lighter and fluffier and have minute moisture.

Therefore, there’s a chance of getting inaccurate measurements of cannabis size with this technique.


Ruler and Penny Method

A makeshift scale, The Ruler and Penny method is a more creative version of eyeballing method. By and large, a penny is equal to 2.5 grams.

Therefore, by placing a ruler flat and putting a penny on its one end, you can make a scale. Then, add your cannabis gradually on the other end and judge when the size equals 2.5 grams.


Using Smartphone Method

If you have a smartphone, you’re literally carrying a scale in your hands.

You can download a measuring scale application that would give your decently precise weed weights.

Although it won’t bypass an actual scale’s accuracy, these apps can help you a lot in a hurry.


how many grams in an ounce of weed


Now You Know How to Measure Weed

After reading this guide, you know all there is about weed measurements. However, you can be specific about what you need and purchase the ideal amount for yourself.

The next time you set out to buy your stash, keep these terms and quantities in mind. This way, you won’t waste your money or become subject to market misbehavior.

If you want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for, you can get the best weed scale. This way, you can always re-check the weight to be certain about your purchase.

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