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Funniest 420 Memes | Best weed Memes you can Find Online

weed memes

Despite the unreasonable controversies surrounding recreational marijuana, this wondrous herb has always lent itself well to pop culture.

From cult-classic stoner movies such as Up in Smoke to avowed celebrity weed enthusiasts such as Snoop Dogg and Dave Chapelle, marijuana and pop culture go hand-in-hand.

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And with the advent of meme culture, this age-old alliance has gone full throttle. In this article the funniest weed memes.

Interestingly, the origins of “420” as the universal code for marijuana is something of a meme itself. In other words, no one knows who started it or where it came from, but the internet promptly latched on and rolled with it.

Today, weed memes have evolved considerably, partly because of the normalization of cannabis, and partly because, well, the cannabis community has so many meme-able moments (looking at you, Mr. Machine Gun “I am Weed” Kelly).

Here are some of the funniest 420 memes to keep the chuckles rolling.


Let your good sense of smell guide you


smell weed on public


It has happened to all of us


drop weed


There are tough moments in life…


when no one has weed


When you are high as fuck and try to act normal


try to act normal


Trying to call your dealer with telepathic communication


when you have no weed


When the wait becomes endless and you get anxious


waiting weedman


You do not need to be a scientist to enjoy weed and benefit from its properties


conan obrien 420 meme


Don’t worry, it’s not long before 4:20


job sucks


When you don’t feel like putting up with anyone


i am going to get high


Just in time! Snoop Dogg can’t miss it


420 meme


When Mom is tired of the fridge attacks


you are not hungry


Nothing like good planning and strategy


homer stoner meme


Don’t worry, you’ll eat whatever you need =)


fried chicken


Can be the tastiest meat, anyway, everything tastes great when you’re with the munchies


higher steaks


Always happens! We think we are discreet…


smoking weed meme

Take your car, look for your mates, choose a good location, put on good music, and start hotboxing, you won’t be disappointed.


Nothing like a huge joint and a closed space


out of a hotbox


We’ve all been here, we think the edibles won’t kick in, and then…


edible meme

Edibles take a long time to kick in, be patient and you will enjoy a good trip


There’s something special about edibles, you know what I mean.


This edible aint shit

Calculating edible dosage is fine, especially when it’s your first time.


Pot brownie takes its time but when it hits it hits hard


brownie edible meme

Do you know how to make your own brownies?


There is always a good opportunity for couch lock


netflix meme


Movie after movie without understanding much


high watching netflix

Check our list of the best movies to watch high


When you realize there’s something new you have to try



Do you know what CBG is?


Have empathy, end that story, and pass it on


hoggin the blunt


You are already cooked and you still have joints left


lisa weed meme


When you disprove a universal theory


smoking more


A little hygiene is not bad and more if you share it with your mates


clean the bong

If you need help learning how to clean your bong.


Cause effect. It’s that simple


bought weed


That is the real and true friendship that will take strength after that blunt


friend with a blunt


Hogging the blunt is not good


pass me the blunt


You will always find a mate even in the least expected places, roll one!


spot another stoner


I will be with you till the end


already high


Everyone finds a way to eliminate stress


stressful day


Always looking for new ways to earn income


charge your wallet


oh that makes sense, he was high as fuck


forest gump


Yes, We Can!




Always follow the advice of a champion!




Honey, I’m home!


to infinity and the bong


The best ideas come to you with a joint on


car to space


It is always good to consider new resolutions


not smoking any more


The good excuses, the good side of the pandemic


when you got weed in your car


Wrapping Up with the Best Weed Memes

Say what you will about them, but the cannabis community is a real hoot. Who would’ve thought that a mutual appreciation of mary-jane is all it took to spark a life-long kinship between two complete strangers?

Weed memes are a perfect example of this phenomenon. Over the years, weed memes have become a way for weed enthusiasts worldwide to laugh, empathize, and bond over the highs and lows of smoking marijuana.

Whether your paranoia spikes after taking a few drags or you wake up to an inexplicably empty fridge, weed memes make you realize that you’re not alone. Indeed, what seems like juvenile humor to most is actually a bonding force between weed lovers all over the globe.

But a word of caution: as you giggle away at these hilarious weed memes, make sure your smoking sessions are safe, sensible, and responsible.

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