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What are the Weed Shakes? All you Need to Know!

weed shakes

Consuming marijuana does give pleasure, but there are some side effects you might be unaware of, including involuntarily shaking and tremors. While weed smokers enjoy joints, their body sometimes shakes due to excessive amount of weed shake.

Other side effects of cannabis shakes, like cotton mouth, is less harmful than weed shakes. Although some people consider the tremors funny, they might be dangerous if left unnoticed.

This article will guide you about body shaking when you smoke weed and how to stop the tremors.


What are the ‘Weed Shakes’?

Tremors caused by marijuana by any consumption method are known as weed shakes. You might not feel the weed shakes while smoking regular weed. However, once you increase the weed dosage, you will start feeling cold, and your muscles will spasm.

The cannabis plant contains Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which makes you feel high. When you consume an excessive amount of weed, or the weed shake is of high quality, your body will start trembling.

You might also feel cold and anxious during the shake because of the overwhelming reaction of THC to your nervous system. Although this condition looks frightening, it’s nothing close to the shakes caused by consuming alcohol. That means you can easily prevent the tremors caused by cannabis.

You already know that cannabis is safe for adults. Even if your cannabis intake is high, there’s no severe health risk. Just like the increased heart rate and nausea come and go, the spasms will stay for a few minutes and then leave you to be normal.


Why Do Some People Experience Involuntary Shakes and Tremors After Using Weed?

A high amount of cannabis induces tremors and muscle spasms in the consumer’s body. Here are the other reasons behind the shakes.



If you are in a cold room and have joints, you might get severe spasms due to low temperature. The blood flow becomes slower when the temperature drops, so you might get more tremors after smoking weed.


High THC

A higher amount of THC leads to severe shakes while consuming weed. The euphoric effect might temporarily inhibit your nervous system and cause you to shake your muscles uncontrollably.



Some weed smokers experience anxiety and nervousness, which leads to muscle spasms. In that case, you must gather and control your thoughts to stop the tremors from controlling your body.



Over-dosage of cannabis is a common reason for weed shakes, especially in beginners.


Low Sugar Level

If your blood sugar is low, the answer to “is weed good?” is “No” because it might lead to severe health conditions.


What Can be Done to Stop Weed Shakes?

Here are the things you must do to prevent stop weed shakes.


Take Deep Breaths

Since weed shakes are caused when your nervous system is compromised, you must take deep breaths to neutralize the effect of cannabis. No matter where you are, take a seat or stand up and slowly take deep breaths to get the muscles under control.


Change Your Environment

Experts recommend changing the environment to help get rid of the body shakes due to the high intake of cannabis. For example, go to the balcony if you take joints in a closed room.

You can also go under the open sky to refresh your body and mind and prevent tremors from taking over your body.


Stay Warm

Go in direct sunlight if you are feeling cold and shaky after consuming cannabis to neutralize the effect of marijuana.


Limit Your Dosage

Always measure the shake weed’s dosage before consuming it because you never know how much psychoactive compound active is present in the pre-rolls.


Add CBD Products

CBD is the best product to neutralize the euphoric effect of shake weed. So, if you have bought top-shelf buds or small nugs, don’t forget to buy CBD products with them.


How Long Do Weed Shakes Last?

Shakes caused by smoking weed don’t last long. You’ll notice that within 30-40 minutes of smoking, the cannabis shakes will start to fade. In addition, some people may experience “greening out” after smoking weed, especially if it is their first time.

Greening out is when a person feels sick and shaky after smoking. Apart from weed shakes, you could also experience nausea or sweating. But what exactly causes weed shakes?

Weed shakes occur when your nervous system is overstimulated after smoking marijuana. If you smoke way more than you’re used to, you may experience shaking.

You may feel your muscles twitching and a shaking sensation throughout your body. The best thing to do during this time is to breathe deeply and relax. You could also try lying down or getting some fresh air.

Listen to some of your favorite music and try zoning out. After a few minutes, the shakes should go away on their own.


weed shaker


Uncontrollable Shaking After Eating Edibles

If your edibles have kicked in and you’re shaking uncontrollably, chances are that you’re facing a THC overdose. This is usually a slight overdose and nothing to worry about. However, it can feel uncomfortable and cause you to experience shaking.

Another reason you may be experiencing shaking after consuming edibles because you may be cold. Consuming THC can cause your body temperature to drop. This makes you shake and shiver without even noticing that you’re cold.

Wrap yourself up in blankets and focus on breathing if you experience shaking after consuming edibles. You could also be shaking after consuming edibles because you took a much larger dose than your body used to.

But don’t worry! Even though you may feel sick, it won’t last too long. A good way to deal with edible shakes is to wait it out. In the meantime, you can try distracting yourself with food, music, or laying down.


How Long Do Edible Shakes Last?

Unfortunately, edible shakes last longer than smoking shakes do. Edible-induced cannabis shakes can last up to 2-3 hours. You may feel panicked or even freak out during this time.

If you have a friend around, let them know that you are experiencing cannabis shakes. A good way to distract yourself from the shakes is by moving your body. For example, take a walk in the fresh air and consume no more cannabis during this time.

After a while, your edible shakes should fade away!


Wrapping Up with the Weed Shakes

The simple answer to the question, of what is weed shakes, is that it’s a condition. A condition that makes your muscles spasm for some time after consuming marijuana.

That happens when you increase the dosage of cannabis to the usual dose. So, follow the above tips to prevent tremors and enjoy every joint fully.

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