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11 Best Weed Smoking Games to Enjoy While High

weed smoking games

[Updated on: 22 February, 2022]

Have you ever lit your herb and got in the mood for a game? Marijuana and games are practically made for one another.

Due to this, almost all marijuana enthusiasts play weed smoking games when high, and, of course, everybody wants to choose the best ones, especially if it’s about weed games.

Consumption of weed is stress-relieving, and it may help you concentrate, so when the pressure is on, you do not lose focus and keep calm.

In addition, nothing can beat getting away with a deck of cards or a board game with your best buds to play.

So, the next time you fancy a weed game, go through the following weed games to choose the best one with a guaranteed good time.


Selection of the Top Weed Games



Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Drunk Stoned or Stupid Store

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity



Ducking High

Ducking High

Take A Hit Novelty Party Card Game

Take a Hit


Stonerware Stoner City

WEED the Game

Stoner Brothers Weed The Game

Fluxx Stoner

Fluxx Stoner By Looney Labs Store

Weed-Opoly the game


420 The Weed Game

420 Card Game

Before reviewing the best weed games, let’s understand the ground rules and, most importantly, the game selection criteria.


Dry Herb Game

Since we are talking about games, you need to write rules and stick to them. For instance, you don’t need to be creative and combine weed games with potent concentrates. That’s why it’s better to use dry herbs only; take one big hit from the bong, and you are good to go.


Moderate Strength Weed

It’s essential to select weed with a THC content of less than 20 percent. Marijuana more than 20 percent or taking too much weed is a big no if you truly want to enjoy playing the weed games. Furthermore, the players can bring their own weed to take a few joints.


No Cheating

It means you need to stick to one hit only and don’t get tempted to do extra hits while playing the game. Else, you’ll pass out midway, thus ruining the fun for yourself and your friends.


Game Level

You can find all types of weed games ranging from beginner to advanced. Based on your experience and familiarity with the weed game rules, you can start with the beginner stoner games and take hits after ten minutes of intervals and no less than that.


No Marijuana in Drinking Games

It’s a big no to drink alcohol and smoke weed while playing stoner games. You’ll have the worst hangover with a pounding headache the following day.


Weed Smoking Games Reviews

Good marijuana encourages play. And this is why fun weed games have become the drinking game of the modern age. So here, take your smoking sitting to the next level with the top weed games.


1. Ganjaland – The Novelty Board Game

Ganjaland weed smoking game

First and foremost, the Ganjaland Novelty Board Game is top on our list. With Ganjaland, you are guaranteed an epic cannabis adventure.

In essence, this is a cannabis-themed board game where you can explore friendship, adventure, and a magical place of super fun.

This classic game is easy to play. You pull a card from the deck, follow the card instructions, and move your character piece accordingly.

The good news is the first person who lands on the bud brick entrance to the Castle wins the weed game and wears the crown. Lucky for you, the game includes a crown to boost the enthusiasm of the players.

Each game consists of:

  • Five photo props
  • A crown
  • An instruction manual
  • A notepad with two pencils
  • 157 playing cards
  • A large illustrated game board
  • Eight-character pieces

Individuals aged 21 and above can play Ganjaland with three or more players. Also, this is an adults-only game containing mature content, especially for cannabis enthusiasts. You can play the game with two or more players.

Check on Amazon.com


2. Drunk Stoned or Stupid a Party Weed Game

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Interestingly, all the decisions you’ve made in life while being stoned, or stupid, come back to bite you in this game.

The box of this game contains 250 prompt cards of bad decisions. So basically, Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid is a weed game that roots out bad decisions and makes punishments.

You can start by pulling out a card and then reading it aloud. Next, you can assign a judge who can decide turns. Finally, you must be ready to let your friends know some bitter truths!

While playing, call on different stuff to ensure you don’t get the card. Thus, the first individual who gets seven cards will lose. After that, four or more players 17 and over can get into this game.

The fun part of this game is that no one wins; instead, everyone is a loser while playing the game. Hence, everyone can take a hit every ten minutes.

Check on Amazon.com


3. Cards Against Humanity: Green Box

Cards Against Humanity Green Box

The Green Box by Cards Against Humanity consists of 300 cards that you may add to your deck.

It contains 245 white cards while 55 are black. Essentially, the white cards have all the answers to the fill-in-the-blanks or the questions present on the black cards.

It’s fantastic because everybody loves Cards Against Humanity. Green Box is a great game to play while you and your friends are stoned. Basically, it’s an expansion that requires the Cards Against Humanity base game.

At the beginning of the game, all the players draw white cards. The next person, on the turn, draws a black card and reads aloud the question written on the card.

Once everyone hears what’s written on the black card, they come up with the funniest words written on the white card. The only one person who comes up with the hilarious answer wins the round. Not only that, but the winner can also take one hit and continue playing the game.

Anybody over 17 years of age can easily play this game. Besides, you do not require the red and blue boxes while playing, though you can always use them.

Cards Against Humanity is an excellent game that allows the players to use a dark sense of humor and come up with the craziest answer.

Check on Amazon.com


4. BAD PEOPLE – You Probably Shouldn’t Play

BAD PEOPLE - The Party Game

The good thing about Bad People is that you can play this game over and over again. However, the gameplay changes every time based on who you’re playing with.

Anyone over 17 years of age can easily play this game. Besides, the duration varies from 20-60 minutes with three to ten players. Without any doubt, this is a perfect game for parties as all players are involved at all times.

It contains 420 Hilarious Cards, 300 question cards, 100 voting cards, 10 Double Down Cards, and ten Player Identity Cards. Not only that but the same also comes with a Bad People base game and NSFW expansion pack to boost the game experience.

While playing, vote for your friends on different questions. Get to know what your friends think of you and enjoy it.

First, you need to select your identity by drawing a player identity card. Next, you need to collect the voting card for all the players. As a result, you can identify the players with the picture for future voting purposes.

The person who joins the game party at the end is the one who becomes the Dictator to draw a question card. Then, the dictator has the authority to silently vote for a player by placing the voting card face down.

Here’s the trick: players have to guess which player the dictator has voted for. Then, lastly, the players show their votes while the dictator reveals the card in the end. You get one point and, of course, a hit if your vote matches the dictator.

A pro tip: You can use the double-down card to get two points and two hits.

Check on Amazon.com


5. Ducking High – Cannabis Game

Ducking High - The Adult Novelty Party Game

Ducking High is designed to elevate your high with crazy questions that can turn the conversations with your friends into long, out-of-this-world discussions. While playing, you have to use your head to think of funny and crazy answers to mind-bending questions.

This game consists of mature content designed for ages 21 and over. Three or more players can easily play this game.

The game begins by sitting in a circle with your friends and drawing cards from the top of the deck.

The first person who draws a card becomes the judge for that round, who’ll read the questions and ask the players their wild answers. Then, he’ll choose someone who speaks to them most, and they’ll keep the card as a point.

Check on Amazon.com


6. Take A Hit – Weed Smoking Game

Take A Hit cannabis games

Take a Hit Novelty Party is a fun board game for adults. Not only is this a stoner game, but it is a fun gift for board games and card game enthusiasts.

Besides, it is an excellent game for parties. This game contains a deck of playing cards, scorecards, timers, and action cards. You’ll get a ball at your next hang-out when you’ve whipped out the Take A Hit Card Game. It’s all about the green and will make you fade at your next gaming session.

People 21 years of age and over can play this game. This game has beginners level difficulty that requires four players. The duration of this game is 35 minutes or more.

Check on Amazon.com


7. Stonerware Stoner City Board Game

Stonerware Stoner City Board Game

Stoner City is a board game that will make you the head of your budding business. You buy, sell, grow, and trade buds to keep up with the growing demand for your products.

Not only that, but you also have to deal with other finances, such as going to rehab, being busted by a person, or being kicked out of the parent’s basement. Hence, you need to make your way through all the other hardships to win the board game.

Full of laughter, this game is very clever, and all the cards say something amusing. You can play it with two people. However, at least three people must be playing it for more fun. The first person with the most weed wins the game at the end of the day.

Everyone aged 18 years or more is liable to play this game. But, overall, the Stoner City Board Game is worth your time as a weed-smoking game. You can play this fun game in 120 minutes with two to five players.

The game includes:

  • Game board
  • Five player tokens
  • Play money
  • 36 Kharma cards
  • 27 certificates of stonership
  • One police car
  • 15 plant pieces
  • 32 crop pieces
  • Two stoneware dice

Check on Amazon.com


8. Stoner Brothers – Weed The Game

Stoner Brothers Weed The Game

If your friend’s group consists of two to six members, this game is just for you. The duration of this game ranges from 40 to 90 minutes. Indeed, Weed the Game is the best stoner game you can play.

It is a fast, fun, competitive Board Game that you can start with $1000 and seven resource cards. Then, with the help of these resources like weed fertilizer, soil, plant, and seeds, you can turn them into a massive harvest of Primo Buds and sell them to win the game.

Thus, you can enjoy growing plants and harvesting pounds while hoping for the large payoff growers want. All in all, this exciting game makes you experience the highs and lows of the growers.

Check on Amazon.com


9. Fluxx Stoner By the Looney Labs Store

Fluxx Stoner

If you’re a Fluxx enthusiast who keeps toking now and then, this is the best choice for you. It is a weed-themed version of the hit card game Fluxx. You can play this stoner-themed game within five to 30 minutes with two to five players.

The deck comprises the following four types of cards:

  • Keepers
  • Goals
  • New Rules
  • Actions

The keepers come with a green border, and you require these cards in order to win the game. Moreover, all the cards in the deck are unique; hence you have new rules with each card, and you can devise different strategies to win the game.

An interesting fact about this game is that there isn’t any goal. So all you need to do is have the right Keeper cards to play when the right Goal card is played.

Furthermore, the action offers you an added benefit to making a special move upon your turn. For example, you can include the discard pile into the draw pile or take the cards from other players to remove the new Rules card, or even reset the rules.

This game ends fast. However, you can fix this issue by playing it more like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity and collecting goals until all the players are ready to call it quits. Then, the player with the most goals will win the game.

The above strategy lets you control the duration of your game time. This game contains 16 new cards with new color artwork in a nice, large box. It consists of four copies of the Weed Keeper with plenty of food Keepers like Brownies, Nachos, and Pizza.

Check on Amazon.com


10. Weed-Opoly the Marijuana Game

Weed-Opoly weed games

Weed-opoly is an easy game in which you can use a tractor through the cannabis farm and try reaching the end at stoned first. Then, win and become the head weedopolist.

Other players will be trying to slow you down with take-a-hit cards. However, the capability of answering category questions without errors or wrong guesses can win you the title of the head weedopolist.

For example, you should quickly answer different categories of questions, such as naming the five slang words for marijuana. Alternatively, you can perform tongue twisters without making mistakes.

Weed-Opoly consists of a four-fold super graphics board, custom dice, and six pawns for the game. Lastly, this game is recommended for people more than 18 years of age.

Check on Amazon.com


11. 420 Card Games – Epic, Social & Daring

420 The Weed card Party Game

This game brings funny actions and thought-provoking queries to your smoking session with your group.

Interestingly, you can play it repeatedly, and the gameplay can change dramatically based on who you play with. Anyone at least 21 years of age can play this game.

If you have a large friends group and wonder what game to play while high, the weed part game has got you covered. You can play this game with three to 19 players.

The game contains:

  • Two Box Inserts
  • Instruction Booklet
  • 420 Cards
  • Kickass Box with Custom Art

Start by playing an action or a question on somebody, and they’ve to act or refuse it given the points at stake. Then, for every point, you can enjoy an intense hit.

Once a player reaches ten points, the game is over, and you can start all over again. Moreover, some of the questions written on the cards have adult content and are stoner-deep.

Check on Amazon.com


best marijuana games


Wrapping Up with the Best Weed Games

If your friends have had too much cannabis, grab them a pillow. Stock up on top-tier buds for your next smoking session. And, be sure to share your favorite weed games with your friends.

There’re a lot of weed games you can play while high; those mentioned above are just some of the best. Keep in mind you can always pick more than just one game.

Besides, you can prepare multiple weed games to keep switching among them depending on your friends’ enthusiasm.

Note that any of these stoner games can be an excellent gift for stoners.

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