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What Does 710 Mean? Also Known as 7/10 or 7:10 | Enjoy Oil!

what is 710

[Updated on: 22 February, 2022]

Is 710 the new 420? Do you want to know what does 710 mean? Don’t worry! I am going to share all the details in this article.

You may already know that 420 is the universal code related to cannabis. Similarly, 710 is a three-digit code for cannabis oil or dabbing.

But how did it start? Let’s find out!


710 Meaning in the Cannabis Community?

When you turn the number 710 upside down in a calculator, what do you see? It spells oil, symbolizing cannabis concentrates, including oils, resin, rosin, wax, and shatter.

However, similar to 4/20 or the 20th of April, 710 refers to the 10th of July. Many people also know the 10th of July as the “oil day.”

By the way, 710 is a relatively new term coined just a decade ago. The term 420 was invented in the early 1970s.

720 is a code word for marijuana oil long before different states legalized smoking cannabis oils. That’s why people used the code word 710 with the dealers to ask for weed oil.

Lastly, the 710 term is a cultural movement that focuses on increasing loyal cannabis oil consumers.


History of 710 Meaning

No one knows about the exact origins of 710, and it’s still up for debate even to date. However, it started gaining popularity in early 2010, especially on online forums and social media.

However, the 7/10 cup, held in 2012, gave it a real boost, transforming it into a 710 movement.

In 2010, the Urban dictionary made an addition of 710 term without relating them to hash oil. However, it updated the meaning of 710 the following year by mentioning hash oil. Later in 2013, the dictionary made an additional entry related to dabbing.

In 2013, LA Weekly declared 710 as the new 420. Most of the news outlets started talking about 710. Furthermore, High Times published an article emphasizing the importance of the 7/10 holiday.

While 7/10 culture was gradually spreading, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize adult-use cannabis. Consequently, the cannabis oil market began to flourish, thus supporting the overall 710 movements.

Finally, a publication revealed that an underground rapper TaskRok coined the term. Moreover, a journalist interviewed the rapper to learn about the marijuana oil holiday.

By the way, TaskRok released an album named “The Movement,” asking the listeners to initiate a 710 movement to surpass the old-school 420 day. He sang many songs with the titles “boil that oil” and “7:10” with a background context of dabbing and cannabis concentrates.

To sum up, 710 gained popularity with the media and among cannabis users in early 2010. Moreover, dabbing started to gain acceptance among the masses after cannabis legalization in multiple states.


What is 710 day


710 Friendly Towards Cannabis Concentrates

The 710 friendly highlights the acceptance of the concentrates community within cannabis culture.

In a nutshell, 710 is a cultural symbol or sign featuring dabs and cannabis oil in a friendly community or a celebration.

Essentially, 710 friendly also refers to smoke-free cannabis acceptance in the states where it’s legal. In addition, many laws focus on keeping the indoors clean by traditionally prohibiting cannabis consumption.

Many states are trying to remove the equipment using flammable solvents such as propane and butane. The primary goal is to enhance the oil quality and ensure the safety of consumers who prefer cannabis oils, dabs, extracts, and wax. That’s why 710 promotes vaporizing or combustion without flames.

To sum up, if someone tells you that they are 710 friendly, it means they are okay with dabbing and other concentrate products.

Consider 710 as an effort to make the concentrates more available to consumers instead of flowers. Obviously, flowers are expensive and difficult to burn, leading to more smoke.

You must be wondering about concentrates and dabs and whether they are interchangeable or not.

Concentrates refer to different cannabis products, including oils, distillate, crumble, waxes, and shatter. On the other hand, dabs are concentrates that you heat on a hot surface, usually a nail, and inhale via a dab rig.

Moreover, concentrates aren’t an option for beginners. Only regular users can consume heavy or potent cannabis doses.


Difference Between 710 and 420?

You must be wondering how 710 is different from 420 when both days promote cannabis culture. However, 420 is a general cannabis celebration promoting all kinds of marijuana products. Unlike 420, 710 specifically features cannabis dabs, extracts, and oils.

As a result, the media and retailers promote only concentrates and dabs. Not only that, but different cannabis blogs, websites, vlogs, and podcasts create content regarding dabbing, CBD oil, and cannabis blends on 7/10. The good news is you can find some fantastic offers and promotions on dabs, extracts, and other accessories on 7/10.


What does 710 mean


What Is 710 Day and Time?

You can now use marijuana concentrates legally in multiple states! That’s why people celebrate July 10th as a holiday or 710 dabs day.

Let’s talk about timing now. When would you prefer marijuana concentrates: 7:10 AM or PM? Undoubtedly, 7:10 PM makes more sense than getting stoned at 7:10 AM before breakfast.

Moreover, you can light up a small amount and dab to finish the tiring day after work.


What’s 710 Day and Consuming Cannabis Oil Products?

The 710 day is the second-largest weed holiday after 4/20. Moreover, many dispensaries in legalized states offer discounts related to 7/10, allowing you to enjoy the day wholeheartedly.

However, it’s not just known as 710 dab day. Instead, it’s celebrated with different names in cannabis-legal states – Arizona’s 710 Degree Cup, Oregon’s Camp Sesh, and Colorado’s Kush Muster 710 Celebration.

Dabbing is the latest practice of consuming cannabis using a dollop of cannabis extract. Next, you can vaporize the extract on a hot surface to intensify it to get higher quickly. In addition to recreational use, daffing also offers instant relief from pain to patients who are prescribed marijuana.

The 710 Degree Cup organizes an annual competition to judge concentrates. It was officially celebrated in 2012 as the first “710 Cup” and later spread among various US states after cannabis legalization.

In earlier days, 7/10 day was about using different tools to consume shatter or oil using an electric dab rig or torch.

However, you can opt for different methods such as portable vaporizers or e-cigarettes to vape discreetly by adjusting the vape pen settings.

You can find vaporizer cartridges filled with distillates or terpenes available at most dispensaries. In addition to that, you can also use dab waxes or oils in traditional water pipes to produce clean smoke.

Just a tip to celebrate 710 day, you must be a pro to dab without burning the extract.


710 meaning


Final Thoughts about 710 Meaning

Now, do you have all the required information regarding the number 710?

It’s up to you to celebrate marijuana concentrates on July 10th every year or daily at 7:10 PM.

In a nutshell, 710 is the date and time for all the dabbers to dab and vape.

710, a relatively newer term, is essentially a niche targeting the cannabis community to enjoy concentrates, such as oils, live resin, extracts, terpene, and other distillates in dab forms.

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