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What Happens if You Put Weed in the Freezer – Pros and Cons

freezing marijuana

What would you do if you have a good stock of marijuana and you don’t want it to go bad? Put it in the freezer? Well, this might not be the best idea if you want to preserve the potency of the plant.

The cannabis plant is packed with beneficial components, few of which are already discovered, and the rest are yet to be discovered. These elements can be sensitive to light and temperature; therefore, it is important to store your Cannabis in the right conditions.

So, if you are here with the question, “What happens if you put marijuana in the freezer?” then you are at the right place to find its answer.

Here is everything you need to learn about proper weed storage methods and exactly what happens if you put the bud in the freezer. So, Keep on reading!


Is Freezing Weed a Good or Bad Idea?

To answer it shortly, yes, it is a bad idea. Why? Let us explain.

When you freeze weed, it can cause a freeze burn or form ice crystals on top of your marijuana. This can affect its overall quality. Yes, the freezing process can delay the decarboxylation (a chemical reaction that gets rid of a carboxyl group to release carbon dioxide) of the herb, but it’s not worth it as Cannabis will keep losing its potency for as long as it is stored in freezing temperatures.

Another drawback of freezing weed is that you lose all the leftover benefits of the products while defrosting them. There is no way to defrost the weed without compromising on its quality.

We all know that defrosting causes excess moisture that can also attract bacterial and fungal growth on the herb.

Moreover, long-term storage or marijuana in the freezer can weaken its trichomes. We all know the fuzzy exterior of the plant, which has major significance when it comes to the plant’s benefits.

These fuzzy particles are called trichomes, and they fall off after freezing marijuana. No matter how delicately you try to pull out the flowers, you will lose more than half of the trichomes from the surface, leaving the plant with little to no benefits.


Alternatives to Freezing Marijuana

Storing weed in a room with controlled temperature, light, and humidity is the best option to go for.

Especially if you are a weed dealer and want to keep your product fresh for a long time, then make sure to invest in a proper storage system.

Install tools like a thermometer, hygrometer, and light sensors to keep a strict check on the surrounding conditions. With these factors in check, you will never have to think about freezing marijuana ever again.


freezing weed


How to Store Cannabis

Whether you are growing marijuana or have purchased a huge amount of the herb, it is important to store Cannabis the right way. So, how do you store Cannabis correctly, so the potency and quality of the weed are not compromised?

Let’s go through some effective steps to ensure your marijuana’s originality.


Save it From Direct Sunlight

It is always advised to keep your weed away from sunlight as it can slowly bring down its potency and lower its quality. It starts degrading the buds by 5% per hour and with constant light exposure, marijuana can lose all its potential benefits.


Monitor Humidity Levels

You also have to make sure that the humidity levels where you store Cannabis are neither too dry nor too dense. Ideally, the humidity levels should be between 59% to 63% only. Going higher or lower than this range can affect the quality of your bud.


Avoid Creating Friction

Store your Cannabis in a friction-free environment. If you store it in highly abrasive packaging, it can affect the shape and structure of the weed. Moreover, rough surfaces trap more bacteria which will result in your weed rotting and developing mold.


Have Proper Temperature Control

Lastly, make sure not to store marijuana at very high or freezing temperatures. High fluctuations in temperature can damage the potency of marijuana. Instead, store the herb within 32℉ and 68℉ to keep it fresh and retain its potency.

This also answers the question of what happens if you put weed in the freezer, but we will talk about it more in detail later in the post.


what happens if you put weed in the freezer


Best Materials for Storing Cannabis

Just like specific ways to store Cannabis, there are some materials as well that you need to be careful about while doing so. Here are a few safe materials that you can use for cannabis storage:


Vacuum Sealed Plastic Bags

Generally, plastic bags are not a great option for weed storage. But if you use a vacuum-sealed plastic bag, your herb can stay safe.

Plastic bags have a static charge that can damage the quality of marijuana. Since there will be no air moving in and out of the vacuumed plastic bag, your weed is going to stay intact for a long period.

Once you open the seal for usage, either finish the product or reseal it tightly before storing it.


Glass Containers

Glass containers are ideal for storing Cannabis. However, you have to make sure that these containers are tightly closed and stored in a dark place.

The smooth and sturdy walls of glass jars will keep marijuana’s shape and quality intact. Glass jars also block any air, which is ideal for preserving the potency of Weed.

Make sure there is no crack in the glass jar before storing it away.


Violet Glass Jars

While we are on the topic of using a glass jar for cannabis storage, the best kind of glass is violet glass. Since it protects the product inside from getting exposed to direct sunlight, it will preserve the quality and benefits of the Weed.

Violet glass also shields the product from UV light which slowly lowers the potency of the Cannabis flower. With this glass, you will not have to store your Weed in a dark place.


Stainless Steel

Last but not least, you can use stainless steel containers to keep your fresh weed or dried herbs. It is a safe and sustainable option for storing weed.

You can reuse this container and will not have to worry about keeping the container in a dark room. They also protect Cannabis from any impact or friction, keeping it in optimal condition for a long time.

However, make sure you are using an airtight container, or the quality of cannabis flowers can be compromised.


Do’s and Don’ts of Storing Cannabis

Now that you are aware of the general principles of weed storage methods, here are a few do’s and don’ts to consider for keeping your weed fresh and potent for a long time.


Do’s of Weed Storage

  • Use a friction-free container to reduce the chance of damaging the petals.
  • Preserve your marijuana in a dark space to preserve its benefits.
  • Keep moisture away from marijuana.
  • Monitor the room temperature of the area you have stored your Cannabis in.
  • Minimize any constant exposure to oxygen to prevent early oxidization.


Don’ts of Weed Storage

  • Store your Cannabis in freezing or really hot temperatures.
  • Use really large containers to store Weed.
  • Keep marijuana within reach of children and pets.
  • Put Cannabis in plastic bottles, paper bags, or a cardboard box.
  • Keep your marijuana with other narcotics.



Here are brief answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about freezing Weed:


Will Freezing Weed Ruin it?

There is no apparent reason to freeze weed as it can survive quite well in the refrigerator as well. Yes, freezing cannabis can ruin its potency, flavor, and effects. Since there is no significant advantage of freezing your weed, it is best to store it in the above-mentioned ways or buy in smaller quantities.


Is it Better to Keep Weed in the Fridge or Freezer?

Weed is quite sensitive to light and temperature. So, it is best to store weed in a cold and dry place, but anything too cold can harm the quality of the Weed. If you live in a very warm region, then storing it in a fridge within 32℉ and 68℉ temperature. Make sure to store it in a plastic bag before popping it into the refrigerator.


Can I Freeze Cannabis Oil?

Just like freezing weed is not a great idea, it is best not to freeze your cannabis oil as well. However, if you have really large amounts of Cannabis oil that might go bad, you can opt for freezing it. Remember that doing so will have some effects on the potency of the oil.


can you freeze weed


Now you Know What Happens if you Put Weed in the Freezer

In short, it is best to keep your Cannabis stored in your medicine cabinet or a dark place to preserve its quality and benefits. Freezing marijuana is not a good idea as it can meddle with the potency of the weed.

Whether you have large amounts of the plant or a small dose for personal use, make sure to use a proper storage container and select the right environment for storage. Just keep it in a dry, dark place and far away from the freezer!

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