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What is a Quarter of Weed?

Q of weed

Having weed knowledge regarding its weightage is important while visiting a cannabis dispensary. For instance, you get a quarter ounce of weed in a “quarter of weed”. Similarly, you will see different weed weightage distributions, commonly a dub, a quarter ounce, a half ounce, and a full ounce of weed.

I, too, seek how much weed I get in a quarter of weed because of the weed cost, grams, and quality. When I joined the stoners community, I was surprised to see the different weed measurements.

When I purchase cannabis from the dispensary, I can buy weed in eights, grams, or ounces. However, each term has different meanings in the cannabis industry.

This article will help you understand what a quarter of weed is and the different marijuana measurements many dispensaries use.


How Much is a Quarter of Weed?

A quarter of weed is a quarter ounce of marijuana. Besides, a quarter ounce is different from a quarter pound of weed. This measurement is a bit complex as many people get confused while purchasing cannabis from a dispensary.

In a quarter ounce of weed, you get seven grams of weed or 1/4th of an ounce (28 grams in an ounce of weed). You might also hear people saying two-eighths of an ounce of weed, which means exactly a quarter ounce.

On the other hand, a quarter pound is four ounces of weed, making it 113 grams. So, a quarter pound of weed is almost 16 times (113 divided by 7 is 16.14) more in weight and cost than a quarter of weed.

You might regret accidentally buying a quarter pound of weed instead of a quarter of weed. That’s why you must learn these measurements related to cannabis flower and sellable weed.


How Many Grams are in a Quarter of an Ounce?

If you are still confused, here’s a detailed explanation of how many grams in a quarter of an ounce of weed:

  • An eighth ounce of weed: 3.5 grams
  • A quarter ounce of weed: 7 grams
  • Half an ounce of weed: 14 grams
  • An ounce of weed: 28 grams


Whenever I purchase marijuana, I follow the weight denominations mentioned above as they have become the standard.

Depending on various factors, a quarter ounce of weed costs you around $50 – $100. For example, a quarter of a high-quality cannabis flower having well-produced strains is above $50. Moreover, the purity of weed also impacts marijuana sales regarding its cost and price.


How Many Joints Can you Get out of a Q?

You don’t know what Q is, right? We, the stoners community, use some slang terms that include Q, which means a quarter, a quad, or a quarter ounce of weed. Veteran cannabis consumers enjoy a variety of cannabis flower strains by buying only Q of each type.

You can get around 15 – 17 joints out of a Q in one week, which is seven grams of weed. However, the joints in a quarter of weed vary depending on the number of cannabis consumers, the type of cannabis buds, and the dose consumed.

You might need to level up your weed game if you crave more. The next level is to buy half an ounce, which is the next stage of the quarter of weed.



A half ounce of marijuana has a half gram of weed; therefore, it’s also called a “half-O”. A half ounce of marijuana contains 14 grams of weed, also available in a dime bag. It doubles the number of joints you can enjoy in a Q and lasts for two weeks.



I have also seen half-gram joints that don’t satiate veteran stoners. That’s when they move to “full-O”, or the full ounce of marijuana. A full-O weed weighs twenty-eight grams (28 g), making it one ounce.

Unlike one-gram dime bags, a full-O marijuana packet is never sold from pocket to pocket. Instead, you have to make a profitable deal from a reliable source.

The full-O cannabis costs $160 – $350, depending on various factors. For instance, you can get impure grams of cannabis products at an average price. These products might not give you the expected taste and pleasure.


what is a quarter of weed


How Much for A Quarter of Weed

You can buy a Q or a quarter ounce of weed for $50 – $100. As a new buyer, you must know the cost of weed depends on various factors, including the following:

  • THC
  • CBD
  • Flavor
  • Smell
  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Lab tests
  • Date of cultivation


Medical marijuana patients are allowed to keep a particular amount of cannabis according to state law. Moreover, a typical patient might have 3 – 6 ounces of weed.

If you are not a patient but still possess larger quantities, that will be a criminal offense. For instance, dried cannabis flower is quite common among the stoners community and the medical patient. But if you have even three grams of cannabis without a medical history, you are doing an offense.


How Can You Ensure You’re Getting a Q?

The best practice is measuring the Q on a weed scale while buying cannabis. Although the dispensary typically weighs the Q using a digital scale, the device might show incorrect weight.

I never experienced this but beware of being spammed while buying weed from local dispensary owners. They might deliberately sell you less than a quarter ounce while taking money for the Q.

To validate the dispensary, you must ask them how many grams are in a quarter ounce of weed. Furthermore, keep an eye on the digital scale while they weigh the weed.


How Long Can a Quarter Ounce Last?

A quarter ounce of weed can last anywhere between one to three weeks. That depends on how much marijuana you consume in a day and whether you invite your friends to the party or enjoy the joints alone.




How Much Weed in a Quarter?

A quarter of weed is a quarter ounce weighing 7 grams.


Is a Quarter of Weed 8 Grams?

A quarter of weed is usually 7 grams. However, some dispensaries might give you 8 grams of weed in a Q.


Is a Quarter of Weed 3.5 Grams?

No. A quarter of weed contains only 7, 7.5, or 8 grams of weed. 3.5 grams is an Eighth of weed.


How Many Bowls Can I Get from a Q Ounce?

That depends on the bowl size and how much cannabis you want to contain in it. Typically, an average bowl contains 0.3 – 0.5 grams of weed. Therefore, you can make 14 bowls out of a Q ounce.


How Much Does a Quarter of Weed Cost?

A quarter of weed costs around $50 – $100. Depending on the location and season, you can also find a Q for $20.


What Comes After Q of Weed?

Half-O comes after Q of weed, which is a half-ounce. Furthermore, half-O is followed by full-O, a full ounce of weed.


how much weed is in a quarter


Last Words

A quarter of weed, quarter ounce, or simply Q is the most common measurement of cannabis. It’s sold legally and illegally in the United States since it’s the smallest measurement. Veteran and newbie stoners also buy weed in Q to save money and experience new strains whenever they want.

You can also buy a quarter of weed to explore what’s best fit for you. So visit the closest dispensary today and buy a quarter ounce of weed of your favorite cannabis strain.

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