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What is an Eighth Of Weed? Quantity, Cost, etc. of an 8th

what is an eighth of weed

When buying weed, it is important to understand weed measurements to gauge how much you need at a time (determined by THC concentration and method of intake). This allows you to buy in bulk at once, which helps save bucks in the long run.

This article is a comprehensive guide explaining what is an eighth of weed, how many grams it weighs, and why it is an important measurement when getting cannabis.


How Much is an Eighth of Weed?

An eighth is used to measure cannabis weight.

Laws regarding cannabis flower trade and consumption vary between states. However, in areas where recreational use is legal, adults (over the age of 21), possession limits are imposed, and people can only own an ounce of weed weight at a time (28 grams as per the metric system).

Therefore, understandably, weed is weighed in parts of ounces when being sold or purchased. An eighth simply implies 1/8th of an ounce (1/2 quarter of weed), which equals 3.5 grams.

To make sure you always get the right amount of weed for your money, you need the best weed scale.


How Much Does 1/8th of Cannabis Flower Cost?

When it comes to the average price range, an eighth of weed generally costs anywhere between $25 to over $60. The following are the main factors determining the price of your bud:

  • Taxes: Tax on recreational marijuana varies between different areas. For example, Michigan imposes a 10% excise tax on weed (one of the most cost-effective weed in the USA), whereas Washington charges 37%. Therefore, how much 1/8th of weed costs depends largely on the state you buy it in.
  • Weed Quality: Weed strength is another factor affecting its price. Certain strains (cannabis brands) are more effective than others, i.e., they have better and long-lasting effects in minimal amounts, which is why it costs more.
  • Legalization: While marijuana is legal and well-regulated in certain states, it is still illegal in a lot of areas. Illegal retailers tend to sell weed at high prices.


How Many Bowls and Joints does an Eighth of Weed Make?

When talking about cannabis measurements, it is essential to know how many hits they can yield.

Generally speaking, 0.35 grams of weed is used up in a regular-sized joint. Therefore, technically, 1/8th of cannabis (3.5 grams) can yield over 10 joints (seven half-gram bowls or three full-gram joints and one half-gram joint). This implies, roughly an eighth of weed can easily last one week.

However, it is possible for you to run out of your 1/8th weed pack in just a few days. Here are some important factors that determine your weed consumption and usage:


Pipe Size

Understandably, how much weed you smoke at a time depends on the size of the joint you roll. Rolling papers come in different sizes, and therefore they vary in their weed-holding capacities.

Nowadays, the typical cannabis consumer tends to use weed pipes instead of paper because they are efficient and easy to use. Pipes are small devices that store weed in a bowl, and the size of these glass bowls varies widely depending on personal preferences.

Average-size bowls are almost 14mm, and 1/8th of weed easily lasts a week in them. If you go for larger bongs, you will obviously run out of 1/8th of the weed faster.


Weed Potency and Intoxication

Cannabis potency is determined by its THC concentration (typically measured by retailers). Effects depend on both the quantity and strain of the bud. If weed is highly potent, you would understandably need smaller quantities to achieve the desired level of narcosis.


8th of weed


How Much Weed Should you Buy at a Time?

So, how many grams of weed should you buy at a time? Before we answer this, it is essential to know that while buying marijuana in bulk is cost-effective, it has one major downside; cannabis can get damaged easily.

Weed needs to be stored in a cool and dry environment. Any exposure to humidity poses a risk of mold growth on the flower, which eventually makes it unusable.

Similarly, heat also dries it out, which negatively affects cannabis potency.

Apart from storage techniques, some strains of weed are also comparatively more prone to environmental damage due to improper cultivation or harvest. Therefore, 1/8th is the coveted weed weight cannabis consumers mostly buy.


What Comes After an Eighth of Weed?

Apart from one-eighth, here are some other ways of universal weed measurement:

  • One gram: Half-gram dime bag is the minimum amount of weed you can ask for from a retailer. One gram is about a bowl’s worth, and standard-weight cannabis consumers buy to try out new strains. Although it can last five to seven blunts, some users roll large joints, in which case a gram of weed might only be sufficient for one large joint.
  • Quarter ounce: This is equivalent to 7g of weed. A quarter ounce typically lasts a few weeks (more than a dozen bowls).
  • Half an ounce: A half ounce of weed is 14g of bud and is enough for several weeks.
  • One ounce: An ounce weighs 28g (eight eighths). In layman’s terms, this 1 ounce of weed is known as a zip because it can be packaged in a small Ziploc. If kept fresh (by storing in a cool, dry place), it is sufficient to yield over 80 joints (cigarette-sized).
  • Half Pound: A half pound weighs eight ounces or 224g. It costs over $1500 and can last over 450 bowls (average bowl size), or over 400 half-gram joints.
  • One pound: A pound of weed equals 16 ounces (453g). It is enough weed for years and can easily give 400 to 500 joints. Considering the potential of abuse, it is illegal to own over an ounce of weed. Therefore, bud weighing pounds or more is only owned by industries that are part of the market.


Weed is generally sold as packaged goods, which means retailers pre-weigh the bud and sell it in small packets of eighths, quarters, and dub sacks.


eighth of weed


Now you know what is an Eighth of Weed

Even when bought in bulk, weed is mostly sold in packets of eighths. Since this measurement is common for cannabis, it is essential for users to know how much is an eighth of weed in terms of quantity and cost.

This article gives a comprehensive overview of all you need to know about an eighth of weed when purchasing cannabis. Read it to understand different cannabis weights, as well as to gauge how much weed you need to buy at a time.

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