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What is Loud Weed?

loud weed

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You’ve probably heard someone refer to weed as “loud” at some point in your life, especially if you’ve been smoking for some time now. Coined in the past to help dealers share quality info by “code,” loud weed refers to top-shelf, high-quality weed that is more potent and powerful than other strains.

There are a lot of slang terms in the marijuana world that you have to get to know, and some of them are more common than others. It’s interesting to note that as more states legalize marijuana, terms like “loud weed” are going by the wayside as more people adopt terminology and lingo from the dispensaries.

Keep reading to learn more about what constitutes loud weed and what the other options are.


Understanding the Term Loud Weed

Typically, the term “loud” is used to describe marijuana that is strong and also comes with a pungent odor. It is quicker and stronger than regular weed.

The origin of the word isn’t exactly known, although some say that it’s strong in the way that a loud noise would be measured. Others say it’s because of the response of some people: throwing their head back, going “Whew!” or something along those lines, when they open the bag.

Loud weed is also called “fire” or “dank” weed. All the meanings are essentially the same– this is some top-quality bud that’s going to get you exactly where you want to be.

And most importantly, unlike regular weed, or “Reggie“, sometimes also called brick weed, you won’t have to battle with seeds, stems, or other low-quality issues.

Loud-strain cannabis usually has high levels of THC and will hit harder and faster than others. It could also deliver assistance with all kinds of issues, from pain relief and anxiety to panic disorder, and even blood pressure, in some cases.


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Is the Word Loud the Only Word Used to Describe High-Quality Weed?

Loud is the most common slang term, although more people today are starting to use the word “fire” to describe weed that’s out of this world with its strong odor and powerful high. And, as more dispensaries become legal and start selling premium products, that’s another way to describe it that’s becoming common: premium, also known as top-shelf.

Essentially, you can call it whatever you want. The point is that it’s going to smack you in the face, knock you onto the couch, and make sure that you get every single penny that you paid for (and you will pay a premium for loud marijuana). You’ll have fewer seeds and find better cannabis quality from these selective breeding strains that are designed to be potent.


What About the Loud Dream Strain?

Loud Dream is an actual weed strain, crossing Blue Dream with itself and essentially doubling the impact of that familiar haze. You’ll get impressive relief from chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and more. Plus, people report relief from stress and anxiety, with feelings of creativity, focus, and a bit of the giggle, as you’d expect from a Blue strain.

Loud Dream has thick Indica-like buds with those beautiful Sativa leaves and features tropical, orange, and spicy herbal notes. It’s also known for having higher THC content than other similar strains.

Some people do report that it makes them paranoid or dizzy, but those are probably the people who don’t really need Sativa in the first place. And let’s be real. If you know your weed, you know that Blue Dream isn’t for anyone who’s not friendly with the Sativa family.


What Cannabis Strains are Considered Loud?

People are calling weed loud regardless of strain, and that’s for good reason. There are hundreds of strains today that can be classified as loud, and you can even find loud seeds to help grow your own plants if that’s legal where you live. Then, you’ll always have primo marijuana on hand, no matter what’s in stock at your local dispensary. Loud could refer to the taste, aroma, or any other factors.

Loud strains typically have THC of 26% or more, with some going as high as 30%.

Some of the top “loud” strains for aroma and THC content include:


These are examples of the most popular options for those who like a strong aroma, whether it be of skunk, earth, or even just the smell of tropical spices or gasoline.


loud smoke

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Find Your Favorite Strong Type Weed Strain

Of course, in order to find out which gassy, pungent, or skunky weed strains you like best, you’ll have to try some of them to see how they feel and what effect they have on your body. Your sense of smell and your tolerance will both be put to the test as you try to figure out what’s louder, and more importantly, what you like best.

They all have varying levels of THC and varying terpene profiles, as well as a host of different effects that you may experience from using the strains.

And finally, we’ll close with this piece of sound advice:

Everything here is just advice and should only be used by those in states where marijuana is legal either for medical patients or for recreational use. If you’re in one of those legal states and are legally partaking, by all means, toke up and crank those taste buds to 100!

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