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What’s a Dub of Weed?

a dub of weed

Do you know that only smoking weed or buying half a gram doesn’t make you an experienced stoner? You must know every detail of the cannabis culture, especially the language we use for trade. Just like that, a term commonly used in the cannabis world a “dub” of weed is mostly misunderstood by newbies.

The small packet of weed, almost one or less a gram each, is a dub sack quite famous in the illegal cannabis market. Although dealers sell dub sacks in privacy, you might get ripped off by the seller if you don’t know the exact meaning of “dub”.

That’s why this post will help you understand the slang terms used in the cannabis world to minimize your expenses and maximize your weed pleasure.


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What Does the Weed Term “Dub” Mean in the Cannabis World?

The slang term “dub” originated from “dubs”, an automobile slang from the West Coast car culture. Dubs are car rims that have a diameter of at least 20 inches. But what does the number 20 has to do with a dub of weed?

In the cannabis world, a dub sack is sold for $20. However, some generous dealers might offer you a dub sack for less than $20 to make your day. But you might be caught in a vice-versa situation.

Some scammers pack fewer cannabis quantities in a dub sack and sell for $20. So if you ever become a victim to that evil tradesman, just move on and make your next transaction to a weed spot grab.


How Many Grams is a Dub of Weed?: The Weight of a Dub

A dub sack can have 0.7 – 1.5 grams of weed, depending on the dealer and, of course, on your fortune. Getting 1.5 grams of weed for $20 might be profitable if you feel like “picking weed”.

Moreover, another term is used among stoners “Key Key” which means a thousand grams or 2.2 pounds of weed. But you might not have to use this term as it’s only for large-quantity cannabis dealers.

To know exactly how much you get for these 20 dollars you must have a good weed scale.


Is a Dub Sack Only a Black Market Term?

Yes. Dub sack is a black market term that you might never hear with other slang terms. However, the term “dub” might collide with “all my tumble weed” by Wiz Khalifa. But again, the slang word totally refers to the black market of cannabis.


dub in weed


How Much is a Dub of Weed?

Commercially, a dub of weed is $20, containing 1 – 1.5 grams of cannabis. However, as you dig deeper, you might find more authentic dealers selling the purest quality. But they might ask you for more Andrew Jackson’s face bills.

These dime bags contain top-shelf weed that’s available in the high-end dispensary. So, selling this dime bag for a ten-dollar dub doesn’t make sense when you have pure cannabis on hand.


How Much Weed in a Dub?

You get a gram of weed in a dub. That gives you five joints. You can also put less quantity in the rolling papers when you have one gram and save the remaining for later.

Different areas offer very different amounts and quantities of weed. You might never find a discounted offer if you are roaming in high-end streets. Instead, 20 bucks won’t be enough to buy even a gram of weed.

Similarly, dealers in an outskirt dub spot might be generous in selling you a dub for $10.


What Does a Dub of Weed Weigh?

The total weight of a dub of weed might weigh from 0.7- 2 grams, depending on the quality and the area in which you are purchasing it. For instance, Kentucky cultivates 93,000 plants per 100,000 people, more than any other state in the United States.

So, you can find all types of cannabis strains in Kentucky in more than a gram. Besides, California and Nevada are also famous for trading weed in the black market. You can even find marijuana at half price if you are not a “weed man’s late” in the season.




What is a Dub in Cannabis Culture?

Dub is a small baggie of weed worth $20.


What is a Dub of Weed on a Scale?

A dub of weed can be anywhere from 0.7 – 1.5 grams on the scale. The measurement can vary depending on the area from where you are buying weed.


What are 2 Dimes of Weed Called?

2 dimes of weed refer to “Dub of Bud”. One “Dub of Bud” is two grams of weed.


What is a Dub of Weed Called?

A dub of weed is $20 worth of weed, containing 0.7 – 1.5 grams of marijuana.


What Does a Dub Look Like?

A dub of weed is a small plastic baggie having 0.7/1/1.5 grams of weed. The plastic bag is transparent, meaning you must hide it from authority people.


What is Dub Slang for?

Dub is slang for weed worth 20 bucks.


What is a Dub in Money?

In the cannabis industry, dub refers to $20 worth of drugs, especially weed.


a dub sack


Last Words

Joining a stoner’s community is easy, but communicating with others might be difficult if you don’t know the slang terms. Dub of a weed is the most common term, generally referring to $20 worth of weed in a small dime bag.

So, to quickly buy a gram of weed, you must find a serious pot dealer and purchase a dub to fulfill your cannabis craving.

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