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Where to Buy White Widow Seeds

white widow strain
  • THC 16-22% 16-22%
  • CBG 1% 1%
  • Sativa 60% 60%
  • Indica 40% 40%
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One of the most exquisite species of India to appear in the mid-1990s, the White Widow strain is a top-rated, feminized Indica-dominant cannabis seed. Originally seen in Holland during the golden age of the country, the White Widow was a favorite amongst the people, known for its powerful effects.

The term “White Widow” stems from the density of resin trichomes that the plant produces, which makes the plant assume whitish color by virtue of the thick layer the resin trichomes produce.

Following its introduction at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 1995 by Greenhouse seeds, the White Widow took home the first prize and quickly became a favorite amongst both medical and recreational users.


Structure of The White Widow Plant

Being a landmark cannabis strain, the White Widow is one of the historical indica plants, featuring: a vegetative structure that is compact; a brief internodal distance; a set of broad leaves that stem from the base of different leaflets; leaflets that vary in intensity and; a generally appealing look.

Has a “Christmas Tree” appearance, with a primary stem that is flanked by various secondary branches. When grown outdoors, this strongest hybrid strain stretch to over 2.5 meters. The name “White Widow” comes from the plant’s huge colas and abundance of leaves that ate branched out and covered in resins.

The White Widow boasts of a high level of production and is especially optimal for growing legal, medical cannabis. Its yield is usually abundant with heavy, dense flowers. However, its most significant value is the extraction of its resin. Further, the plant has a floral, fresh scent, accompanied by a sweet-sour, furiously flavor.

With an average flowing time of 60-70 days, these feminized cannabis seeds guarantee optimum high and satisfaction. This strain is also quite easy to grow, and as earlier mentioned, helps medical patients in easing pain.




Energising Properties

The White Widow’s high THC content allows the cannabis strain to generate highs that one would expect from a Sativa-dominant plant.

The effects last significantly longer than other strains or types of cannabis. The effects of the White Widow are also known for its anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties.


Getting Rid of Chronic Pain

The White Widow strain is also known to treat various types of chronic pain. The strain is also used in treating depression and sorrow, leaving the patient feeling happier and more alive.

Cancer patients are also introduced to this strain of marijuana, as it helps them save off some of the negative effects of chemotherapy. These negative effects include tiredness, pain, as well as loss of appetite.


It Helps to Reduce Seizures

Cannabis oil has been studied to relieve epileptic patients from their seizures. Through the oil, the seizures are reduced. The patients are also relieved from the exhaustion that comes from the seizures.

However, It is important to note that it must be administered with caution, as it can cause more seizures if administered wrongly.


It Helps With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Most people who have had difficulty sleeping and reducing their anxiety have reported that the White Widow has helped them improve their sleeping habits and general mood.

Unlike painkillers that are used to treat PTSD, which eventually become addictive and cause the patients to experience negative side effects, the White Widow cannabis strain has proven to be a better drug for helping suffering patients.


Where Can I Buy White Widow Seeds?

You pretty much have the option of visiting a physical shop or an online dispensary. While physical shops afford you the opportunity to see your wares up close, online dispensaries are discrete and would afford you quality seeds in the comfort of your home.


Where can I buy white widow seeds online?

Herbies Head Shop is one of the world’s most successful cannabis seeds distributors that has a worldwide operation. Since it began to operate in the early 2000s, Herbies has successfully completed over 800,000 orders from an inventory that boasts more than 2,000 strains. As such, it’s 160,000 monthly web visitors is no surprise.

On there, you can buy White Widow seeds, and other exotic seeds you want. With Herbies, you can grow your proffered choice of cannabis seeds and enjoy the purest and finest quality of cannabis.



Growers fully trust White Widow seeds for its stabilized, high THC strain that delivers excellent quality, under diverse conditions.

Additionally, the effects of the strain are highly valued, as they provide useful significance for both recreational and medical growers.

This strain remains one of those classic weed strains that remain respected by many growers and seed collectors.


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